In-person chair yoga at Ridgefield Library

Ridgefield Library will begin in-person chair yoga classes with Liz Wendel, every second Wednesday, starting November 3rd, from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the main program room.

This bimonthly The yoga class uses a chair (standing and sitting) as a supportive aid. Chair Yoga makes the practice of yoga accessible to all populations, all ages and all conditions.

How does a chair yoga class work?
Chair yoga classes with Liz give you all the benefits of any other yoga class: centering, yoga warm-ups, yoga movements and postures, concentration and breathing techniques, guided relaxation and meditation.

According to experts, yoga has the following benefits that promote healthy aging:

  • Builds muscle strength to counter the natural atrophy of the skeleton that occurs with aging
  • Improves flexibility to prevent loss of range of motion
  • Improves dynamic and static balance, reducing your risk of falling
  • Improves mental and physical agility so you can react faster – improving your mind-body and body-spirit connections – The Science of Yoga by Ann Swanson

Please register separately for individual lessons.

This program is part of the Noreen L. Papa: Mothers Live Your Life series

Please register at or call 203-438-2282.

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