Katie’s Wonder Fitness gym to open in Great Clacton

A FITNESS instructor who emphasizes comfort and a welcoming environment is about to open a new gym in Clacton.

Katie Ford, 43, from St John’s Road, was involved in sport from a young age until she began to focus on hairdressing when she left school aged 16.

She moved to Clacton ten years ago to pursue hairdressing, but reached a point where she wanted to improve her health and well-being.

Katie said: “I tried a few places and systems, everything was lovely, but as I got older the gym environment started to get a little uncomfortable.

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“I started to become very health conscious, which is normal for women my age, so three years ago I started training again.

“I graduated as a Level Two Fitness Instructor from Colchester College specializing in Boxing, HIIT and Stepping.

“There is a stereotype in society about the type of people who should lead fitness in terms of age and size, my goal is to end this stereotype.”

Katie’s intention was to do classes in halls and organize with clients on Facebook.

She moved to Queens Head Chambers in St John’s Road and units just below her became available after the last lockdown.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Bravo - Katie after hard trainingBravo – Katie after a hard workout

Katie added: ‘My landlord kindly gifted me the units to run my ‘Katie’s Wonder Fitness’ classes and hair business.

“A lot of people like me come to classes because they don’t feel comfortable in other gyms because of their age and weight.

“I would like to create a non-judgmental environment for people to enjoy physical fitness and improve their mental health.”

Katie is self employed and has two daughters, she started with just a few weights and gradually built up her inventory.

She has been involved in fundraising for Great Ormond Street in the past and would like to partner with other gymnasiums in Clacton to raise money for charity.

The new gym, “Katie’s Wonder Fitness”, will open on Saturday, April 2.

For more information, visit facebook.com/KatiesWonderFitness/.

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