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Bhanu Saptami is a day dedicated to Lord Surya, the Sun God. Hence, he is also known as Surya Saptami. The dates for Bhanu Saptami in 2022 are January 9, May 22, and October 2. Traditionally, it is said to be the day Lord Surya, or the Sun God, first appeared.

On this auspicious day, people in the regions of western India and southern India worship Lord Surya by performing Maha-Abhishek and chanting several sacred strotas to please the sun god.

Importance of Bhanu Saptami

According to Hindu mythology, Bhanu Saptami is the day that Lord Surya, the Sun God first ascended to earth. He arrived in a chariot drawn by seven horses, which denote the seven rays of the sun. Lord Surya bought life on earth. Its charioteer is Aruna, who protects the earth from the scorching heat that comes from the sun. Lord Surya is the lord of vitality and health. It is said that those who worship Lord Surya and fast in Bhanu Saptmi are blessed by the Lord in the form of good health and fortune.

Bhanu Saptami puja vidhi

On Bhanu Saptami, devotees must get up early and take a bath in a sacred river like the Holy Ganges. If this is not possible, devotees should chant the Mantra for Goddess Ganga and invoke her blessings. Before taking a bath, place akka and turmeric rice on your head, then pour water over them.

After sunrise, place a Surya Yantra at the altar and take a holy bath. After that, offer flowers, water and prasad to Lord Surya.

Benefits of Fasting on Bhanu Saptami

It is said that those who are devoted to Lord Surya will never experience sadness in life. Those who take a bath in the holy Ganges on the eve of Bhanu Saptami will never have to live in poverty in their life.

Females performing a puja on Bhanu Saptami will never be faced with the life of a widow during their next births.

Those who keep a fast on Bhanu Saptami are fortunate enough to have happy, healthy, and rich lives. Their lives become rich in wealth and knowledge and free from fear of fatal diseases.

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