Krishna Utah community feeds souls on feast of love

By Lizeth Vejar

Every Sunday, the Southern Utah Krishna community meets at their Spanish Krishna Fork Temple to worship, learn, and receive blessings.

The Utah Krishna community began meeting in a log house in Spanish Fork 35 years ago. In 2001, they built a temple.

The temple serves several purposes. It is a gathering place for various activities throughout the year. One of the most popular events is the Holi Festival of Colors. But the temple is also used for weekly worship and the feast of the love of Krishna.

“I like coming here because it is a good way to render devotional service to God. There is song, there is song, there is good food. It’s just a great time, ”said Brent Spencer, a temple participant.

The feast of love begins with participants chanting mantras or “kirtan” and listening to a speech from the temple leader.

Then, the “aarti ceremony” takes place where they offer him the five elements of God’s creation: earth, air, fire, water and ether.

At the end of the ceremony, they pass a lamp around the room. Each person passes their hand over the flame and touches their forehead to ignite the flame inside.

At the end of the service, participants are given a red dot or “tika” on their forehead to symbolize that their head is at the feet of the Lord. After each service, they offer a free vegetarian dinner to members and visitors.

“Making everyone happy makes me happy,” said temple worker Indurani Dashi / Ghost.

Even though most of the devotees are visitors, the Krishna community will strengthen their faith and leave them with a unique memory.

“I feel a deep sense of accomplishment to be able to share my culture and serve people,” said temple manager Charu Das.

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