Lenexa’s Entourage Institute Launches Johnson County’s Only Massage Therapy Program

A new massage therapy program has been launched at Lenexa.

Located at the Entourage Institute of Beauty and Esthetics near the Oak Park Mall, the new massage therapy program is one of the few in the Kansas City metro area. The program is designed to train new students who will be able to work anywhere in the United States after graduation.

Michelle Cruickshank, director of the massage therapist program, along with several other owners of massage therapy businesses in Johnson County, are also hoping to see program graduates fill the shortage of massage therapists in the Kansas City subway.

“I was proud to be able to launch something that will make a difference for people,” said Cruickshank. “Because I know why I became a massage therapist: to overcome the issues I had personally, it was something that helped me heal on such a deep level that I wanted to be able to do it for others.

The massage therapy program could hopefully fill the void of vacant massage therapist positions in the Kansas City metro area. Photo courtesy of Michelle Cruickshank.

“And to me being able to create this program and be able to launch it with the support of other massage therapists, massage therapy companies and this school and this particular facility just means the world to me.”

The only massage therapy training program at JoCo

The program was launched in August.

As a result, Lenexa City Council earlier this month unanimously agreed to change the city code to allow students to perform massage therapy in Lenexa while respecting certain parameters.

During that meeting, a handful of business owners spoke out in favor of the program, saying it would help them fill the void of unfilled positions.

Part of the shortage of massage therapy students is caused by a lack of local training programs.

Cruickshank said at least a half-dozen programs existed in the Kansas City area 15 years ago. Now, there is only one other program besides his: WellSpring in Kansas City, Missouri.

Cruickshank said the Entourage Institute’s 840-hour program encompasses a more therapeutic and medical perspective of massage, but will incorporate spa elements as well.

With the expansion of offerings at the Entourage Institute, she hopes the program can also serve clients who are mentally or physically stressed.

“When it comes to the massage itself, we’re here to help with mental balance, the aspect of mental stability by balancing the body,” she said. “So when you add a mixture like COVID, which is unlike anything that no one has ever had to deal with until recently, you see an increase in stress disorders, you see an increase in the need for prevention. suicide, you see an increase in people with very poor body mechanics because they are sitting at home instead of working in the office. So you have to help people who are suffering, who are stressed. “

Since the pandemic hit Johnson County in March 2020, Cruickshank said she has seen an increase in stress-related issues, including among people who work remotely and struggle to balance work and life. private.

“If we can attract more massage therapists, we can make it easier for these people to take the break they need in the middle of the day or at the end of their day to rebalance their bodies, help with neck pain and neck pain. shoulders, lower back pain from hunched sitting, helps manage the mental stress of the day, having to deal with conference call after conference call after conference call… and just give them the option to unplug, ”a she declared.

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