Loan – European grants for new start-ups

Starting a business and starting a business is not a simple matter: in addition to a good deal of experience, talent and luck, it also requires a solid economic base from which to start. Precisely for those who are full of ideas and are working on a project and new start-ups , but do not have the necessary economic coverage, non -repayable loans could certainly be the right solution. We see the European calls for tenders available in this 2019 which specifically concern the Lazio Region .

Lazio Region: non-repayable loans from the 2019 European calls

Lazio Region: non-repayable loans from the 2019 European calls

Starting a business alone or with some friends and associates is not easy, especially with the economic crisis that from 2011 onwards, if not before, that has discouraged anyone who wanted to start their own business. However one of the solutions that can be counted on is that of taking advantage of the European calls , which periodically provide funding to encourage new businesses , especially those that start with an obvious handicap, such as those born in the south, or those that are all female, or run by very young guys. To encourage these initiatives, therefore, the European community allocates non -repayable loans that are aimed precisely at encouraging new investments, new ideas, as for start-ups ; good news, especially for young people who do not have great economic possibilities, but have the right talent and tenacity to start a new business. The system of non-repayable loans goes precisely in this direction; when it comes to non -repayable loans , in fact, reference is made to a particular type of financing destined more than anything else to precise forms of self – employment , which need incentives and incentives, and which are often not advertised properly. Their main characteristic is that of being loans in all respects, which however do not provide for repayment , or in other cases require partial repayment, and in any case without interest . In addition, sometimes funding can only cover part of the call for bids made available, and at least half of it is often discussed: we are, therefore, in the context of real donations , of funds that are used to encourage particular types of self-entrepreneurship, in places where this type of initiative often happens, or for individuals who for their young age, gender and place of birth, need a material incentive to start.

Taking advantage of the European calls becomes therefore really fundamental for all those who would like to start thinking and acting on their own: the important thing is to identify the type of funding that best suits the case in question and, obviously, apply and do everything to win. There is not much publicity about this type of possibility and therefore we must try to keep ourselves always well informed on the calls that the European community periodically allocates; in particular, let’s take a look at the fund-raising loans made available by Europe for the Lazio Region for this 2019 , in a field that ultimately goes the most, such as the creation of new start-ups . Often behind the ideation of a new company that launches a particularly innovative idea on the market, especially in the field of technology , there are young researchers and scholars: this is why it comes from the incentive to a new start up, which starts in a small way but that can potentially grow out of all proportion, if the idea proves to be the right one, Europe will see advantageous prospects, above all for the promising economic induced that can follow. So let’s see if there is any interesting ban on the Lazio region in particular.

New start-ups: here are the European funding calls for the Lazio Region in 2019

What you need to do to really start a business and see new start-ups realized, therefore, is to find out well which of the European calls made available is the most suitable for the specific case, and if the region to which it belongs is covered by financing . As for the Lazio Region and the non-repayable loans that would be made available, one of the interesting European calls in this sense is that which takes the name of Bando Smart & Start : provides a subsidized loan without interest equal to a coverage of 70% and maximum duration of eight years. The companies that will be able to participate in the tender must be registered in the Register as innovative companies, and must be small: the date of the foundation can not exceed two years, so it must be born recently, with services that are all directed towards an innovation in technology and with a production value that must reach at least € 5 million. Furthermore, the applicants will have to demonstrate that they actually live on the Italian territory and in this case in the Lazio Region , even if it must be said that it is a type of call that is open to all regions of Italy.

With regard to the 70% threshold of the coverage of the interest-free loan , it must be added that in the event that the applicant company is composed exclusively of women or members who do not exceed the age of 36, then the threshold rises to 80% coverage. Applications for participation in the Smart & Start call will be accepted until funds run out, while the spending programs to be submitted must be between a minimum of 100,000 euros and a maximum of 1,500,000 euros, which must cover specific management costs . In fact, there is talk of all the types of investments required when talking about a technological start-up , namely machinery, specialist advice, patents and various licenses. Not to mention all those additional and burdensome costs that are inevitable when you want to give a proper management of the company: from payment of employees to leasing fees, passing through licenses for industrial property rights and any interest payable in the case in which the financing of an outside has been requested. All these expenses must be made once the loan contract is signed, precisely within the first two years from the signing of the contract.

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