Looking for the best massage in Toronto? Try our top 5 picks

Toronto has an incredible variety of massage and spa venues

Do you get a massage? Otherwise, you are missing out on one of the oldest and most effective healing practices known to the health industry. It’s amazing what a good massage can do for your mobility, reduce pain and relieve stress. So we set out to find the best massage in Toronto so you can relax and start recreating your health from the inside out.

The 5 Best Massage Spas in Toronto

Spa Miraj Hammam

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Located at the Shangri-La Hotel, you can get a massage at Miraj Mammam, but you can also do their Turkish baths. The environment is chic and super upscale at this gorgeous Toronto massage spa, so get ready for luxury.

Head here to book your appointment and relax in luxury while being treated like royalty!

Sage Health And Wellness

best massage in toronto
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Sage Health and Wellness has been serving Toronto for over 20 years. Located in Yonge and Bloor, this spa is known for its therapeutic massages and excellent practitioners.

In addition to an incredibly relaxing massage, you can also benefit from osteopathy, acupuncture and cosmetic acupuncture, reiki, psychotherapy and naturopathic medicine. It’s a one stop shop for your health at Sage Health and Wellness.

Elmwood Spa

best massage in toronto
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Elmwood Spa is located at 18 Elm St. in Toronto, and it is on the list of top massages in Toronto for many reasons. You can get a relaxing or therapeutic massage here, but you can also do water therapies and beauty treatments. Their serene, modern surroundings are the perfect place to relax and refresh for the day – or even just an hour.

H20 Float Studio

best massage in toronto
Image: @h2ofloatstudio on Instagram

H2O Float Studio offers some of the best treatments in town. Besides floating and even trying their Stranger Things float experience, you can relax and heal your body with one of their licensed massage therapists. And if you’re there for the relaxation experience, they have special therapists for that too.

With different techniques and modalities, this experience is sure to reset you, body, mind and spirit. Go here to book.

Haven of health

best massage in toronto
Image: @my_health_haven on Instagram

You will have an unreal experience at Health Haven. The space is clean and bright, and they offer excellent affordable care and a great atmosphere. All of their reviews on Google are five stars, and many of their customers have been going there for years because of the quality of service.

If you are looking for the most relaxing and rejuvenating massage, you may find it here at Health Haven. Go here to make an appointment.

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