Lululemon sets the tone with latest foray into corporate wellness

Beloved athleisure brand lululemon Athletica is once again expanding its footprint – and this time it’s taking its #sweatlife philosophy from the storefront to the forefront of workplace wellness.

At the end of 2019, Mall of America hosted experiential lululemon among its tenant list, the company’s second location to date. With an on-site fitness studio, meditation space, café, and luxury locker rooms among its amenities, the 19,700 square foot space offers the perfect storm of creativity and community. And his most recent initiative, Designing Experiences for Corporate Wellbeing, is a by-product of that.

These programs are aimed at employers who seek to improve the physical, emotional and social condition of their teams and, by proxy, of surrounding communities. “We’ve worked with agencies, corporate teams, coworking spaces, management groups, and more,” says Annie Ketcham, manager of experiential sales and marketing at lululemon MOA. “We adapt each experience to the needs of the group and offer [curriculums centered in] mindfulness, meditation, mobility, nutrition, mental health, resilience and more, all led by our ambassadors.

(Lululemon ambassadors are, Ketcham adds, local actors and community leaders who “challenge us to sweat daily, connect with more meaning and grow without fear of failure. From the day we opened our first store, our ambassadors have been woven into everything we do. “)

Emotional fitness exercise

Categories of workshops such as “Response: Managing Emotions” and “Compassion: Relating” aim to emphasize the importance of emotional form, the “practice of building skills that make us better humans and, to in turn, better leaders, ”explains Ketcham. “Our research and development team started with three learning modules: awareness, compassion and response.

Another example, resilience training is rooted in better identifying the physical and mental stressors that accompany our daily lives, and learning to manage them through a combination of mindfulness, self-regulation and the use of neuroscience to improve the efficiency of rest. “From there, it’s about releasing tension, finding gratitude and connecting with your community,” she says. “Throughout the workshop, we give concrete advice so that participants can leave with an action plan. “

Workshops and workout classes have been available virtually and in person for local businesses since its launch – a local law firm recently took advantage of a virtual yoga class, and a downtown Minneapolis creative agency took advantage of a virtual yoga class. hosted a wellness retreat on her rooftop terrace, which included meditation classes and a discussion on burnout and resilience at work.


“While community has always been at the heart of our concerns, offering our programming in a private format is something we are excited to explore further,” said Ketcham. “The MOA store gives us the opportunity to play and elevate ourselves. “

As for the next steps for experiential lululemon, Ketcham says the store will partner with Embrace North this winter to add an electric sauna and cold bath experience to the space. “They expose people to a high dose of life feeling and breaking down mental barriers through exercise, exposure to cold / heat and breath control,” she says. lululemon manufactures and sells comfortable, performance clothing, but stepping outside of comfort zones is its true specialty.

October 27, 2021


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