Man arrested for shooting drugstore and spa at Warren Mall

Casings litter the sidewalk at the Nine Mile and Ryan shopping center in Warren, where the Special Response Team arrested a barricaded man inside the Nine Mile and Ryan pharmacy overnight.

Police say the suspect also shot down the Greenday Massage Spa next door as well as the storefront across from the pharmacy at 2 a.m. Monday. Investigators found more than 40 casings – and 30 bullet holes.

“I’ve never seen this before,” said Mitch Jolta.

Jolta swept the glass to board the broken windows on Monday.

Warren police said they responded to a 911 call from Greenday Massage. Three women in their 50s who were employed at the spa said they were unable to return home – and were sleeping inside when the shooting began. Bullets pierced windows and walls.

The police were able to get them out safely – and they weren’t hurt. The suspect turned himself in when the SWAT team arrived with an armored vehicle.

The 34-year-old suspect from Dearborn is believed to be a relative of the pharmacy owner.

“It’s scary, so scary,” said one customer.

Police said the suspect also fired from inside the pharmacy – through the walls – damaging businesses two and three doors down from the mall.

FOX 2 video shows they began plugging bullet holes in the nearby Metro by T-Mobile store.

Workers say they’re thankful it happened when it happened – not in the middle of the day as they just stand there.

It is not known what the reason for the shooting is or when the suspect will be arrested.

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