Masseuse sues seaside resort, citing sexual harassment | Local News

After several more months of a hostile work environment and mistreatment from her supervisor, the prosecution said Rhoten was made aware of a hot stone massage training session on February 9, 2020. Rhoten attended to training, where she was asked to perform the new technique. on Bucher. Rhoten expressed that she did not feel comfortable performing the technique due to a back injury Bucher suffered.

Bucher responded with visible anger and Rhoten was asked to leave the workout, the costume said. After asking him to leave, Bucher told Rhoten, “We are going to Jon Martin’s office in the morning and you hand in your letter of resignation. Now go, ”the costume said.

That same day, Rhoten filed a complaint with the station’s human resources office. In response, Rhoten was taken off the spa’s work schedule, but Bucher was not, the costume said. A week later, a human resources investigation was conducted on Rhoten and concluded that she was “toxic”, according to the complaint. Rhoten said she was asked to resign by Martin and Human Resources, and she declined.

On May 8, Rhoten filed a discrimination charge with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against the ranch. Three days later, she received a termination notice.

Rhoten seeks damages for allegedly being fired in retaliation for filing a complaint with the EEOC as well as being discriminated against on the basis of sexual harassment which was aided by the ranch, and for the complex creating a dangerous workplace.

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