Melissa McCarthy’s Hilarious Spa Experience

Nine Perfect Strangers released the final episode of Season 1 on Hulu last week, and fans can’t help but talk about the series. The show revolves around a wellness retreat called Tranquillum House, where nine unique guests arrive to find healing and relaxation.

Melissa McCarthy as Frances in ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ | Vince Valitutti / Hulu

Melissa McCarthy plays one of those guests, Frances Welty. It’s always interesting to hear how the cast of Nine Perfect Strangers implements well-being in his own life. McCarthy loves spas, but his last massage experience has taken an interesting turn.

Who plays Melissa McCarthy in “Nine Perfect Strangers”?

Melissa McCarthy’s character, Frances, is a novelist going through a crisis. She learns that her publisher doesn’t want her latest book and that a reviewer has written a scathing review of her novels. Frances was also scammed by a man named Paul Drabble on the internet.

Paul made her think that the two were going to get married. Then Paul disappeared after Frances sent him a large sum of money for his son who allegedly had a car accident.

Frances is going through a hell of a transformation at Tranquillum. While taking psilocybin, she hallucinates a little sung version of Paul which she then flushes down the toilet. She also meets Tony Hogburn, and the two end up in a romantic relationship.

McCarthy fell asleep while getting a massage

It appears that many of the cast members of Nine Perfect Strangers take care of yourself in various ways. “I’m enjoying a day at the spa,” McCarthy said on The Late Late Show with James Corden. The actor then recalled his last spa experience. “The last time I was there was COVID before the madness and I was in London and I was working and I was so tired because I had rehearsed all day.”

“I walked in, it was like an hour and a half, I was like ‘this is going to be amazing,'” recalls McCarthy. “I fell asleep so hard I thought, ‘I don’t know if I got a massage. The massage therapist then woke McCarthy and left the room so that she could get dressed. McCarthy was still naked after the massage, and she was so mad to wake up that she walked through the wrong door.

“Finally, I open my eyes and stand in the public hallway. It was the exit door and it was the locker room door, but I was so out of the question. Miraculously, no one was in the hallway and the door didn’t lock on McCarthy, but it must have been a pretty jarring way of waking up.

Will there be a “Nine Perfec Strangers” season 2?

The first season of Nine Perfect Strangers has ended. Fans are wondering about the possibility of Season 2. Although Nine Perfect Strangers is a limited series, a second season is still a possibility. Director Jonathan Levine seems to tend to agree with the idea. “I hope people enjoy it enough that Season 2 is an option,” he told Buzzfeed.

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