Missed connection – Metro Dupont Wed. Morning

photo by Pablo Raw

“Dear Popville,

This morning (Wednesday June 22) on the Dupont platform/metro: I was looking over there, when you suddenly found yourself in front of me as we were both waiting for the train to Glenmont.

You’re a tall, tanned, masked, handsome guy (supposedly behind the mask), and you were carrying a green/white striped Whole Foods bag. I am an Asian female with shoulder length black hair, wearing a gray mask and a black work bag. We both boarded the same crowded train and sat next to each other after a group of people got off at Farragut North. I had to get off two stops later and couldn’t help but smile as I walked towards the office. I know we didn’t interact, but I just took my random photo. Hey, it’s summer, why not! I’m not on dating apps and I don’t know if you’re currently in a relationship/situation…but if you’re not, and trying to put it in the most non-scary way, I would like to run again in you.

Ed. Note: If this is you, please email [email protected] so i can put you in touch with OP. PoPville is not affiliated with any of the parties, please proceed with any potential connection at your own risk and exercise caution, as you would with any online dating. For those curious about past missed connections, many have been made and if possible I’ll try to update when/if any more are made. The MC yoga class was done!

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