MMEA-US Navy Seacat exercise strengthens diplomatic ties

IPOH (Bernama): The training exercise between Perak’s Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) and the US Navy strengthened diplomatic relations between the two nations and promoted the country in the context of the sovereignty of its waters in global level.

Perak Maritime director Captain Shahrizan Raman said the exercise, under the Southeast Asia Training and Cooperation Platform (Seacat), took place from August 14 to 20. in the waters off Pulau Jarak.

He said the exercise had, among other things, increased the level of knowledge and effectiveness of officers and members of the Operations Center in managing communication tools and communications between countries.

He said that as part of the first phase of the exercise, a virtual seminar on “Maritime Safety” was held at the MMEA operations center in Putrajaya from August 10 to 13 while phase two was conducted. in the waters of Pulau Jarak August 14-20, with KM Nyalau representing MMEA in the exercise.

“During the training exercise at sea, communication training between the two sides involved the KM Nyalau, the US Navy USS Tulsa, the tanker Silver Hasa and the Information Fusion Center ( IFC).

“KM Nyalau also carried out a hybrid search mission using communication devices between the vessels of interest (VOI) to collect information and route it to friendly agencies,” he said in a statement on Monday August 23. .

Shahrizan said a series of other exercises were also carried out by KM Nyalau in conjunction with the US Navy, involving operations to combat illegal fishing activities as well as smuggling and human trafficking.

“The exercise was conducted at the agency’s operations center involved in the coordination of the Maritime Enforcement and Coordination Division (BPPM) and the Maritime Security and Law Enforcement Division (BKPM) from MMEA headquarters using internal communication devices such as the Government Integrated Radio Network (GIRN), phones and email, ”he said. – Bernama

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