Muppets Now Season 1 Final Recap: What’s Happening in ‘Socialized’?

The Disney + Series Season 1 Finale Muppets now has a pretty memorable segment where Fozzie Bear (Eric Jacobson) interviews Seth Rogen, and we get to see a bit more of Robin (Peter Linz), nephew of Kermit the Frog (Matt Vogel). The episode really kicks off after Kermit warns us not to try what they see at home. What aren’t we supposed to try? The crazy experiments of “Muppet Labs Field Test”, of course!

In a way, this edition touches on some basics with chemistry. However, fully aware of the explosive possibilities, Joe the Legal Weasel (Linz) shows up to monitor the situation.

Before a crisis can begin Muppets now name falls to the French chemist Antoine Lavoisier, who played an important role in shaping our understanding of combustion and apparently created the words “oxygen” and “hydrogen”. Muppets now don’t mention Lavoisier was beheaded for being a tax collector, perhaps assuming that would distract too much from the segment.

Muppets Now explore chemistry and cooking.

Either way, the chemistry tests are carried out in the usual way by Dr Bunsen Honeydew (Dave Goelz) and his trusty assistant, Beaker (David Rudman). They experiment with baking soda versus vinegar, salt versus ice, then salt and popcorn. Joe de Legal urges them to try dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, potassium iodide, with slightly explosive results. It’s not as wild as some of their other experiences, and perhaps it’s Joe’s presence that tempers Bunsen’s latent scientific sadism against Beaker.

Økėÿ Døkęÿ Køøkïñ

From that segment, Scooter (Rudman) goes straight to “Økėÿ Døkęÿ Køøkïñ,” hosted by Beverly Plume (Julianne Buescher) and starring the notoriously incomprehensible Swedish conductor (Bill Barretta). This time the chef faces off against actress Marina Michelson in a meatball contest. Marina’s recipe promises a Mediterranean touch, including a tablespoon of cumin, cayenne pepper, olive oil, salt and egg.

As often happens on Muppets now,”The Swedish chef operates in relative secrecy as if suggesting a genius who cannot be disturbed. However, Marina’s meatballs require ground lamb, an oven heated to 450 degrees, a creamy yogurt sauce, lemon, and garlic. Although the food cannot be tasted through the screen, it looks like a very tasty meatball style. As for the Swedish Chef, he ends up with a rather impressive giant meatball stuck on his head.

Muppets Now and Seth Rogen

As previously reported, the ‘Mup Close and Personal’ segment between Fozzie Bear and Seth Rogen is solid and probably the best time ever. Muppets now until there. In fact, even if you’re not a Seth Rogen fan, there’s a good chance you’ll still like this segment, because it’s all about classic Muppets humor. The rule of thumb is that while interviewing Rogan, Fozzie is babysitting and the babies don’t behave very well. They are a possible threat to others and even to themselves.

One baby really wants to drink poison, and another can’t wait to run with scissors. As their misconduct continues, Rogen intermittently answers Fozzie’s questions. Rogen is able to make a few simple comedy observations, such as the importance of being funny, but is interrupted by the babies wielding swords and knives. There is, however, a somewhat endearing moment when one of the babies knows only one word: “Rogen”.

Seth Rogen reveals that he is a fan of Bill Murray and Fozzie himself. He finds it important to pursue different interests, such as writing, producing, making and making pottery. Fozzie eventually leaves the babies with Rogen, and one wants some milk. In the next segment, Miss Piggy (Jacobson) returns. The same goes for Taye Diggs, a regular on the show.

Miss Piggy’s “top tips”

Miss Piggy promotes things like getting pedicures, spas, and other standard aspects of a healthy + beauty diet. She advises to have fun, to relax, and all that. However, Muppets now and Taye Diggs starts to put on Miss Piggy again with suggestions like a fish foot spa, snail facials, bird skin cream and a snake massage.

At the end of the episode, she isn’t the only one confused: Scooter has to deal with “live chat mode” instead of “live chat mode”. There’s a lot of decent stuff in this episode, and the show as a whole, but we wish Kermit would show up a bit more often.

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