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Her gold medal in the javelin throw at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics made history as Neeraj Chopra is the first track and field athlete to win a gold medal for India at the Olympics and is ranked second in level international by World Athletics in August 2021. He became a household name after his victory resulted in the playback of the Indian national anthem after 13 years at the Olympics and Neeraj continues to build his fan base through his regular glimpses of his robust workouts.

As we put our boots back on to relax this Sunday, Neeraj’s “effort and hard work” in the new fitness video intensified our zeal to jump out of bed and hit the grind. Serving as the perfect fitness inspiration this Sunday for all of us lazy bones, Neeraj shared a video straight from the gym and was seen nailing a row of seated cables followed by fight ropes.

Next, he was seen passing a barbell with a medicine ball clamped between his legs, which he then lifted in the perpendicular direction to touch the bar in an attempt to strengthen his core. Another basic medicine ball exercise involved him lying face down on high-placed inline skates and throwing and catching the medicine ball.

Finally, Neeraj was seen flipping the tire over on a terrace and even attempting high jumps over it as our jaws dropped in fear. He simply captioned the video, “Effort and hard work have no substitutes (sic).”


Row of seated cables targets and activates back muscles like latissimus dorsi in the mid-back, erector muscles in the spine, rhomboids in the upper back and lower trapezius which in turn increases upper body strength. It strictly isolates the shoulders, rear deltoids, lower trapezius and helps to eliminate assistance from the hip muscles.

The exercise results in better posture, better definition of the back and better stability of the trunk. It also reduces the risk of injury and protects the shoulders.

Battle ropes fat blast and is a useful exercise tool for those looking to lose weight. It sculpts and tones upper body muscles like shoulder muscles including deltoids and rhomboids, upper and lower back muscles, arm muscles and also grip, increases mobility and causes imbalances and endurance while jumps and lunges during combat ropes can train the hip and leg muscles, especially the glutes.

As for medicine ball training, it positively improves muscle strength, muscle power, coordination, agility, balance and speed. Also known as exercise balls, stability balls, yoga balls, physiotherapy balls, and balance balls, Swiss ball or medicine ball exercises improve balance and tone muscles in addition to improving core strength.

This gymnastic equipment is used in physiotherapy to build muscle and endurance, strengthen the core, and develop flexibility and balance. Additionally, the ball helps rehabilitate back, hip and knee injuries to provide a powerful workout and improve core stability, posture, and muscle balance.

Core strengthening Not only helps to smoothly perform daily activities and sports, but also helps to improve balance and stability and ensures good posture. A strong core influences the legs and upper body and improves posture, mood, sleep pattern and boosts energy.

The core protects against injury and the core muscles play a fundamental role in stabilizing the spine and pelvis, so aim to do a core workout two to three times a week to train the core muscles. pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen. It strengthens the diaphragm and reduces the risk of back pain and injury.

In addition to building strength and endurance and burning significant calories, tire rollover is a full body stimulator that develops athletic prowess. While the exercise can be nailed down in just three steps – squat, lift the tire from the bottom and flip it over, it’s super difficult but at the same time fun, different, very effective and will leave you feeling good. autonomy.

Tire flipping targets your entire body from legs and butt to arms and shoulders and even tones hard-to-reach areas of the back of the arms and shoulders while toning the whole body. It is an excellent stress and tension relief, it builds muscles while working your cardio and increasing your heart rate, works the trapezius and deltoids muscles as well as the posterior muscles like the hamstrings, the glutes and the back for strength.


While lifting a tire feels pretty badass, it is important to start with a lighter tire that is suitable for the activity level and strength of the practitioner. Don’t bend your hips and use your back as you risk serious injury instead, bend your knees, use your whole body and engage the core to lift and push the tire.

The tire can also be used to practice lunges, squats and pressed swings. Always do this exercise under the supervision of a trainer.

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