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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Marla Rubalcava is bringing something new to the Indianapolis fitness community.

“(It’s) nothing like a normal gym,” she said. “We are in four walls in a warehouse. It’s an open-air facility, (meaning) we don’t have a roof in the building. So if it rains, we did some lessons in the rain and you are protected. If it’s hot, we have fans, and in the cold, we have heaters.

The concept for “Glutes 317” came after adversity forced Rubalcava to think outside the box. After the COVID-19 hit, she recalls that many personal trainers were forced to pivot and rethink how to reach their clients. After a year full of delays, her dream Glutes 317 has found a home.

“I promise you have never experienced a workout like this before,” said Rubalcava. “Most of our workouts will focus on your glutes, giving you great shape and lift. “

Rubalcava says that while the glutes get a lot of attention in his gym, his workouts attack the whole body.

Whitley Krebbs said after two months of working with Marla, she and her friends got hooked. She spoke to Randall Newsome from All Indiana about the workouts.

“They’re pretty tough, but you start out light and you work your way up and you get stronger every time,” Krebbs said.

Although he was subjected to a variety of Rubalcava drills, Krebbs said that when it comes to difficulty, one stands above the other.

“The hardest are the hip thrusts,” she said. Krebbs laughed as he spoke of her boyfriend’s difficulty trying to train at Glutes 317.

Watch the video to see how Randall fared in a quick workout.

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