Norfolk wants to hear your vision for the future of a new library and fitness center

NORFOLK, Va (WAVY) – The Norfolk Fitness and Wellness Center in the Wards Corner area is ready for a revamp – and the community is buzzing.

“I would love to have the pool back and the basketball courts,” Norfolk resident Sam Durant told WAVY.

The glass dome which surrounded the swimming pool, sacred jewel of the leisure centre, is now tarnished. And the drained indoor pool, neighbors say, is a gaping hole in the community.

“I’ve seen a lot of people over the years use it for laps, they had swimming lessons…the kids are here, the adults are here,” Susan LaGrange said.

More than 50 years of moisture from wet pool conditions and weather events deteriorated the steel structure, forcing the city to close the pool nearly two years ago.

Durant would like to see the dome recovered.

“I really think they should keep it, I mean maybe do it again so nobody gets hurt,” Durant said.

LaGrange would save money and walk past the dome.

“I know the dome is dilapidated. Three walls and a roof and you have a fantastic setup,” she told WAVY.

These are the kinds of ideas Norfolk is looking to hear from residents as it moves forward with plans to turn the old center into a new combined fitness center and library.

The pool, gym and sauna are hot topics in the community, but leaders want to know what’s important for families, singles and seniors.

Pickleball, paperbacks or picnics, whatever your vision for the next 50 years is, you can share it Tuesday evening during a public workshop. This will be done via Zoom from 6 p.m. Click on here to register and register.

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