November 2022: Monthly Numerology Predictions for This Month


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Numbers play an important role in our lives. It represents days, weeks, months and years. We also use numbers to denote birth and death. In addition, we have numbers for our mobiles, cars or vehicles, homes, etc. There is a magical and spiritual basis for all predictions based on the science of numbers.

November 2022: Monthly Numerology

Some numbers are more powerful than others. Numbers are also magically associated with planets, according to astrology. Odd numbers are feminine while even numbers have more masculine connotations according to some traditions. Numbers are a part of our daily existence, and some numbers have an impact on multiple perspectives, including destiny, career, marriage, business, and other areas of life. Scroll down to find out how the numerology predictions for November 2022 will affect your life. We have also selected the remedies, lucky days and lucky colors for you so that you can overcome your challenges and live your life to the fullest.

Number 1

Those born on November 1, 10, 19 and 28)

You’ll experience surges of energy and enthusiasm in general, and you’ll be interested in creative pursuits, which is good for staying balanced. Your hard work is paying off now. The change of employment is eminently favored by the stars. At work, the accolades start pouring in, leaving you feeling energized and in good spirits. Helpful suggestion from someone at work will get you out of impending trouble. If someone needs your help, offer it without hesitation. An old infection can bother you again, take back control of your life, November is a super powerful month for you.

Lucky days: Thursday
Lucky color: yellow green
Remedies: Avoid wearing Wenge-colored outfits, offer children bananas to eat, regularly offer arghya in the sun.

Number 2:

(Born November 2, 11, 20 and 29)

The workplace may not seem overly interesting. Don’t mess with your superiors. Some of you may change jobs and try to adapt to the new environment. November seems like a mixed bag for your health. Your child or your spouse would also have fragile health. Take care of your diet and your physical condition. Avoid junk food. You will build your network through your excellent communication skills. Partnership ventures will prove successful. Your honesty and ethics will show favorable results.

Lucky days: Friday
Lucky color: champagne pink
Remedies: Avoid wearing burnt amber colored outfits, chant Krishna mantra and always keep a silver coin with you.

Number 3:

Those born on November 3, 12, 21 and 30)
Your workplace may not have a conducive work environment and teammates may not provide the support required. There will be a delay in the submission of projects which is only temporary. Therefore, do not be discouraged. On the health side, it is an extremely favorable month. Holidays with family or friends are indicated. Lovers have a good time and singles meet their partners.

Lucky days: Sunday
Lucky color: Ivory
Remedies: avoid wearing black bean colored outfits, light a diya in front of the Tulsi factory and keep a golden colored pen with you

Number 4:

(Those born on November 4, 13, 22 and 31)

On the professional side, you have good news. Your clients will find your interpersonal skills impressive. Some of you might try to have your good work recognized by your bosses. As a beginner, you can land good job offers in prestigious companies. Your hard work will yield welcome results. Stick to a strict schedule if you want the results to tip in your favor. You will be a rosy picture of health this time. The exercise routine must be followed without fail to see the results you deserve. You can display a calmer temper this time.,

Lucky days: Wednesday
Lucky color: Purple
Remedies: Avoid wearing Rosy Brown colored outfits, donate lamps to people below the poverty line and write number 4 on a paper and keep it with you.

Number 5:

(Those born on November 5, 14 and 23)

Success awaits those hardworking souls among you. Your focused work and responsible vision will win the appreciation of your customers. Your professional aspirations meet with success. For some who have worked hard to achieve their professional goals, success is on the way. Make your own decisions that actually work. This would be a month in which you will travel a lot. Singles find their love partners. On the health side, everything is fine. You can start having a natural and light diet. Some may exercise regularly. Few can get rid of their back pain. Keep your BP under control to avoid further problems.

Lucky days: Monday
Lucky color: Orange
Remedies: Avoid wearing charcoal-colored outfits, take care of the plants, and keep any Ashtadhatu items with you.

Number 6:

(Those born on November 6, 15 and 24)

You will hear something that relieves you at work. New assignments will populate your true caliber. Some of you will still be working on pending projects. On the health side, it’s a fluctuating month. Be extra careful with your diet. Avoid gorging yourself on favorite foods. Avoid sunlight as you may end up with skin problems. You will spend quality time with your loved ones and achieve top quality performance at work. Cooking and creative activities will take up a lot of your time this time around.

Lucky days: Thursday
Lucky color: White
Remedies: Avoid wearing black, chant Hanuman Chalisa and keep camphor in your purse.

Number 7:

(Those born on November 7, 16 and 25)

It is time to strengthen the borders. It’s time to correct some things about someone who has exceeded the limits you set for them. Health matters require urgent care and attention. Try meditation as a remedy and work on your diet. Keep your surroundings clean as this will have a therapeutic effect on you. Don’t seethe in anger and explode later. Curb your impulses and save yourself from health risks like blood pressure, migraines, etc. to distract you from work. Stay away from negative people and negative thoughts. Hard work will yield pleasing results. Save yourself mental problems by not allowing your anxiety and stress to bog you down.

Lucky days: Wednesday
Lucky color: light blue
Remedies: Avoid wearing brown, chant Mahamrutyunjaya mantra and worship Lord Ganesha.

Number 8:

Those born on November 8, 17 and 26)
Professionally, you will see everything from a new perspective; however, while focusing on the big picture. You risk losing sight of the smallest details. Your work turns out to be profitable for you this time. You will be more focused on your career and gain the appreciation of many. This month will be marked by financial gains. This month will see you at your best hard work. Reality finally touches you and you will realize the hard truths in no time.
Lose that excess weight and avoid kidney and gastrointestinal problems. Walking for 30 minutes is essential. Don’t put your health at risk.

Lucky days: Saturday
Lucky color: Green
Remedies: avoid wearing black, light a diya under a peepal tree, and keep a piece of iron with you, it will please Lord Shani.

Number 9:

(Those born on November 9, 18 and 27)
The driving force behind your hard work is achieving goals, growing a good reputation, and achieving the searing success you’ve been aiming for so far. Being obsessed with work can take you out of reality on the home front. Focusing on success won’t let you face reality head-on. Headaches and anxiety from working long hours can affect your overall health. Check your eating habits to avoid intestinal problems. Ask for advice at work. Forgetting animosities and finding camaraderie will become your primary goal. If you are not in a relationship, you will find the right person this time.

Lucky days: Friday
Lucky color: yellow
Remedies: avoid wearing red, offer sweets to the elderly, and write 9 dots on a page in red ink and keep it with you, keep looking at it when you have time.

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