Opening of a new climbing and fitness room in Trenton

TRENTON, Maine (WABI) — After two years of construction, Volta is open and ready to welcome climbers of all skill levels to a unique facility outside of Portland.

“It’s like everything I’ve thought about for years,” said Volta co-owner Jesse Cameron. “It’s like the second you love, walk through the doors, what’s the experience.”

Volta offers rope climbing and bouldering in a ten thousand square foot gym, to accompany instruction and training.

But Volta aims to be more than just a place to climb. Yoga and general fitness are also part of the plan. They work with area schools to provide programs for students, and the space is large enough to accommodate a wide range of events.

“Climbing is the ship, but it’s so much more than that to us,” said co-owner Amy Grinnell. “It has tons of potential to program and bring people together because there’s nothing like it in the area.”

“I would love to see it become a fixture in the community,” added Volta General Manager Kary Williams. “A place where people can congregate, a place where they feel included, and also a place where people can come, have fun, get in shape, climb and hopefully get ready to go out as well. “

The origin of the name of the gymnasium testifies to its mission.

“Volta is really kind of a poetic nod to energy,” Grinnell said. “In poetry, it means turning. So it’s kind of like that moment of transition where you become something in a new part of yourself. So it’s like an opportunity to grow.

And its mission is simple.

“We just wanted to do something for everyone,” Cameron said. “And that’s the goal is to keep everyone excited.”

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