Plans Released for Former Williams Bay Keg Room Property Purchased by Owners of Green Grocer, Clear Waters Salon Spa | Local News

New life will soon be coming to Williams Bay, after the owners of Green Grocer and Clear Waters Salon and Spa purchased long-vacant land in downtown Williams Bay at the corner of Geneva Street and Ave. Walworth.

The vacant lot is the site of the former Keg Hall, which burned down in a fire in September 2001.

The demolition of the Keg Room, Williams Bay Restaurant, Lounge, Laundromat and more until it was destroyed in a fire in September 2001.

Although no renderings have yet been completed, the plan is to construct a three-story building on the site, with a rooftop garden on top, said Dawn Mancuso, one of the property’s owners and also the owner of the Green Grocer and Clear Waters. Salon and Spa.

The Green Grocer and adjoining cafe, Steamers, would move to the site along with Clear Waters Salon and Spa, which has a location in downtown Lake Geneva with its location in Williams Bay.

A couple sit inside the Steamers Coffee Shop, 26 W Geneva St., Williams Bay, which is attached to the Green Grocer. The owners of the Green Grocer have…

Current locations would close and then, instead of renting multiple locations, businesses will all be under one roof and they won’t pay rent, Mancuso said.

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The preliminary plan calls for the first floor of the building to house storefronts and the top two floors to be condos, Mancuso said.

Mancuso and his two longtime friends and business partners, Jennifer Veith and Jane Larson, purchased the vacant Williams Bay property in early 2021 and they are currently working on setting up a construction company for the project, in the hope to start construction in the spring of 2023.

Before anything can go forward, it will first have to get approval from the village.

It all started at Popeye

The three friends met around thirty years ago when they were all servers together at Popeye’s in Lake Geneva, when the late Nick Anagnos was still running the restaurant. (His son Dimitri Anagnos now runs the restaurant.)

As part of their bar training, the owner brought in a former Playboy bunny from the former Lake Geneva Playboy Club to teach them the proper way to make drinks and run a bar.

“It was a good training program,” Mancuso said. “He had great systems in place.”

Working there also taught them a lot of work ethic. “You have to work hard to be able to be successful,” Larson said. “That’s what he instilled in us.”

Years later, they’ve shown that hard work pays off. Around 2005, Mancuso opened Clear Waters Salon and Spa in Williams Bay with Veith. A few years later, in 2009, they opened the Green Grocer. Then they opened the second Clear Waters salon at Lake Geneva on Main Street.

Larson then became a director of Green Grocer, then bought the Green Grocer business.

The plan is for the green grocer to move to a new location once the owners complete construction of a new building. Construction is expected…

The three also took over ownership of the Steamers cafe earlier this year.

A barista prepares a drink at Steamers.

The site for the new lot is just around the corner from the current location of the Green Grocer and Clearwater Salon and Spa, which is inside the historic Bay Center building.

The land has been vacant since the 2001 fire and last year the three friends bought the land from Tony Navilio, who also owns the area where Café Calamari is located.

Barry Ploog, who currently owns the Bay Center building, said he wished the girls luck with their new venture. At this point, with more than a year to go until construction begins, Ploog doesn’t yet have any concrete plans for what will happen in the space when they move.

Steamers, which is attached to the Green Grocer, is shown from outside on Monday 24th January.

Which businesses are going to move?

A four-person pedicure bench is among the many features of Clear Waters Salon and Spa in Williams Bay.

Clear Waters Salon and Spa is more than just a salon. At the Williams Bay site, in addition to 10 styling stations, a 4-person pedicure bench and two manicure stations, they have a full-service spa right next door and a medical team to advanced laser services and Botox treatments. They also offer facials, waxing, eyelash extensions, and spray tanning. This is in addition to traditional make-up services and a range of massages including hot stone, Swedish, prenatal and couples massages.

They plan to continue the services they offer now and expand them, Mancuso said.

Right next to the salon and spa is Green Grocer, which offers a wide selection of wines as well as locally grown produce as well as local cheeses and more.

Plus, there’s the Green Grocer, which was named a hometown favorite for Best Deli and Best Sandwich Shop in the 2021 Best of Geneva Lake Geneva Regional News competition.

The menu includes soups, salads, sandwiches, wraps, juices, smoothies and even pizzas.

The photos are part of the menu inside the Green Grocer deli. Green Grocer’s Deli was named a Hometown Favorite for Best Deli and Best Sandwich…

With the new location, the plan is to build a larger kitchen to expand the menu even further, Mancuso said.

Looking at how close they’ve come over the years since serving together, Mancuso said, “It’s pretty awesome.”

Now they look forward to their next adventure together, in their own building.

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