Postpartum Self-Care Checklist for New Moms

A popular service is Pamper Me Jamu Wellness, best known for its Balinese jamu postnatal massage, which involves acupressure massage techniques, the application of a herbal paste called “pilis” to the forehead – believed to relieve ailments head and promote better sleep – and the use of another jamu, jamu tapel, on the abdomen. Combined with binding (or bengkung in Malay), this treatment helps with postpartum slimming.

Over the past few years, several new companies have sprung up offering home spa services and The Outcall Spa is among the best known. It offers a 90-minute postnatal massage including the bengkung treatment, which you can combine with a slimming treatment called Fat Diminisher Therapy.

Do you have a preference for traditional Chinese medicine? Try Madame Partum Postnatal Meridian Massage, believed to correct yin-yang balance, replenish your qi (energy) and aid in uterine recovery.

For personal care without a massage, check out Urban Company, which offers in-home manicures, pedicures, hairstyles, and even facials — our favorite find from the time of COVID-19 social distancing.


There are so many moving parts when it comes to adjusting to your new baby that you might find yourself forgetting to eat or just eating what’s right for you, which isn’t conducive to your recovery. and your well-being.

Prepare for this by signing up for meal services in advance, especially those that specialize in lockdown meals.

Maternity Angels is popular, with a lockdown meal menu curated by a traditional Chinese medicine specialist, dietician and professional chefs. Packages range from seven to 28 days with meals including meat or fish, vegetables, soup, dessert and red date tea. You can even ask them to provide you with a personalized set of herbs for recovery and lactation.

If you’re looking for halal food, choose from a growing community of home-based businesses like Kaki Masak, which you can book through Instagram. The offerings include salmon with couscous, papaya fish milk soup and steamed sea bass.

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