Presidency 2023: APC will be cursed if Tinubu is denied a ticket, say supporters – The Sun Nigeria

Supporters of Bola Ahmed Tinubu for the 2023 presidency under the auspices of the Disciples of Jagaban (DOJ) have said that if the All Progressive Congress (APC) denies the party’s national leader the presidential ticket, the party will be cursed.

Tinubu supporters said they are not asking that Tinubu be given the APC presidential ticket on a golden platter, but that an equal playing field be allowed for every aspirant to compete in the spirit of a true democracy.

A statement from the DOJ National Coordinator, Abdulhakeem Adegoke Alawuje said: “The All Progressives Congress will surely be cursed if Tinubu is betrayed, twisted and unfairly denied the APC ticket. We need to know that any society where betrayal and injustices run rampant will forever be devoid of God’s blessings and mercy.

“Those of us who are APC members and have supported the Buhari/Tinubu combination since 2014 are not asking that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu receive the APC presidential ticket on a platter of gold, but have fair rules of the game. And if we really claim to practice democracy, let democracy do its work. Let the popular candidate emerge.

“Let there be no imposition or anointed candidate. APC is not owned by President Muhammadu Buhari. He has nothing to lose after completing his term and he must not be allowed to do whatever he wants against the will of the majority. Illegality cannot breed illegality, if governors commit illegality in their small states, why should it be perpetuated at the federal level.

“We should know that the only bond of relationship between human beings and Almighty God is sincerity. Almighty God is pure and He will not support any dirty arrangement. If APC betrays and disappoints Tinubu again, the party will lose the support of Almighty God.

“Let me warn President Buhari that if the gentlemanly but unwritten arrangement on the rotating presidency between North and South fails, it will be difficult to return and maintain love, trust and harmony among Nigerians.

“May I repeat that this inglorious stint of tipping the scales that our President is trying to embark on will send the wrong signals to the new generation and further polarize North and South with mutual distrust.

“It will make them feel like there are no more honorable people who can be trusted with a gentleman’s agreement in Nigeria. Betrayal and kicks in the back will then become the order of the day.

“Therefore, spiritually, the party that perpetuates this will be denied guidance to come up with solutions to Nigeria’s problems. Nigerians must avoid this situation at all costs, and Buhari must not be a frontrunner in this regard.

“Buhari must remember that Tinubu was there for him in 2014/15 when he had nothing to offer delegates in Lagos, and when Abubakar Atiku or Rabiu Kwankwaso would have won. Did Buhari remember how Tinubu supported him in 2019 before he could defeat Atiku’s Dubai agenda!

“May we remind our President how Tinubu and his political warriors liberated the National Assembly government which held him and his administration by the jugular, refusing to pass the budget for about eight months.

“Mr. President remembered how he was freed from the bondage of those in whom he believed very much, in whom he counted and in whom he had so much confidence, at the expense of the sincere members of the party.

“Let no one be mistaken, the few individuals or cabals are in all tribes and religions. We were all together chanting the mantra of change, unfortunately they pushed aside the good guys among them.

“We must realize that this gargantuan betrayal of sincere members of the APC, as revealed earlier by the First Lady, will naturally cause God to withdraw his hand in government; therefore, their security calculations with expectations about the liberation of the economy will fail miserably in their eyes.

“Nigeria should therefore not allow less than 50 members of the cabal to squander the welfare of over two hundred and fifty million individuals on the altar of self-glorification.

“We won’t take it. We will not allow them to bring down the wrath of Allah on all of us. Tinubu should not be unjustly denied”.

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