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By editor-in-chief | Peterson-Schriever Garrison Public Affairs

SPACE FORCE BASE PETERSON, Colorado – On June 10, 2021, Major General Matthew W. McFarlane, commander of the US Army Fort Carson Garrison, released an updated memorandum on prohibited areas and settlements.

The memorandum applies to all members of the Armed Forces in uniform in the Fort Carson area of ​​responsibility, regardless of posting. This area includes Peterson Space Force Base, Schriever SFB, and Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station.

All uniformed armed forces personnel are prohibited from entering the following areas and establishments in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas.

Offenders may be subject to unfavorable administrative measures or sanctions under article 92 of the UCMJ (Failure to obey an order or a general legal regulation).

Bars / Clubs:

• La Palapa Bar & Grill, 525 S. Circle Drive, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

• Club La Casota, 430 S. Circle Drive, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

• Wild Cherry Saloon 2510 E. Bijou St., Colorado Springs, Colorado.

• Time Out Sports Lounge, 3721 Drennan Road, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

• The Social, 3605 N. Academy Blvd., Colorado Springs, Colorado.

• Gasoline Alley, 28 N. Tejon St., Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Rental properties owned by Alma Patrick in Colorado Springs, Colorado:


• 112 S. Tenth Street.

• 13 N. Twenty-fifth St.

• 1003 West Colorado Ave.

• 1124 West Colorado Ave.

• 1130 West Colorado Ave.

• 15 S. Twelfth Street.

• 1208 West Colorado Ave.

• 1104 West Kiowa Street

• 428 West Kiowa Street

• 724 avenue W. Platte.

• 1718 avenue Ouest Vermijo.

• 1720 avenue Ouest Vermijo.

• 2123 West Colorado Ave.

• 2132 W. Pikes Peak Ave.

• 2221, promenade des bisons

• 631 Catalina Drive

• 7 W. Clover Cir.

• 2125 Hampton S.

• 1203 Richards Avenue.

• 908 E. Cimarron St.

• 232 S. Main St.

• 1715 West Colorado Ave.

• 1713 West Colorado Ave.

• 1705 West Colorado Ave.

• 2015 N. Ellicott Hwy.

• 418 E. Ohio Ave (Fontaine, Colorado)

Massage parlor :

• Paris Spa, 6799 Bismark Road, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

UPDATED INFORMATION : The Armed Forces Disciplinary Review Board met on Tuesday, August 10, 2021 and has banned Baron whiskey (5781 N. Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, Colorado) from now on. In addition, the following establishments have been banned from access because they are no longer in activity: Alma Patrick Properties and Paris Spa. A new memo will be updated shortly.

Prohibited areas and establishments

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