Raids in massage parlors in Zirakpur: owners forced women into prostitution and kept threatening them

The women who were rescued from the seven massage and spa centers on VIP Road in Zirakpur on Saturday were threatened with serious consequences and forced into prostitution, police said on Sunday.

According to the police, the women come from different states and were lured by the accused to earn a lot of money in massage parlors.

After Saturday’s raids, police registered a case against Vishal Chauhan, owner of Dream Spa, Ramesh, owner of Alvin Spa, Prem Singh, owner of Triple Day Spa, Sunny, owner of Royal Spa, Karan Kumar Bhandari, owner of of First Spa, as well as unknown owners of Divine Spa and The Jyotic Spa. Police arrested Karan Kumar Bhandari during the hunt to catch the others.

A police officer told the Indian Express that during the investigation it emerged that the accused had targeted women in other states like Uttar Pradesh (UP), Bihar and Jharkhand .

“The women come from very poor backgrounds. The accused had lured them under the pretext of jobs as housekeepers, babysitters and guards. But once the women arrived, the accused asked them to work in the massage centers. They also forced them into prostitution and threatened those who refused,” the officer added.

The officer said that over the past few months, the owners of these massage centers have also been attracting foreign women, especially those from Russia as well as African countries like Burundi and Nigeria.

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The raids were carried out by Zirakpur police on Saturday. Zirakpur Station Officer (SHO) Inspector Deepinder Brar said on Saturday that they had rescued 39 women from massage parlors.

Over the past year, many massage and spa centers have sprung up on VIP Road in Zirakpur.

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