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Dr. Saraah Chimthanawala, a well-known homeopath (gold medalist) with an experience of 36 years, has emphasized the importance of the mind playing a bigger role than drugs in a person’s well-being. A practitioner of quantum energy for 20 years, Dr Chimthanawala believes that the science of thoughts and emotions will play a crucial role in the days to come, whether in curing disease or boosting immunity, whether products from laboratories.
Dr. Chimthanawala emphasized the importance of the thought process in healing the soul, body and spirit devastated by the pandemic.
Excerpts from the interview…
Q. What is the scope of energy healing in the time of Covid?
A. There is enough research around the world describing the components of the universe like energies, frequencies, pilot waves, quantum entanglements, etc. According to physiology, even our body is made up of energy, frequency and we are also vibrational beings. Meditation, Reiki, Pranic, Access Bars, Sound Therapy, Mantra Healing and these practices are energy therapies. In Covid patients, we observed an effective combination of homeopathy and energy therapies. Regular use of energy therapies can boost immunity.
Q. How does the mind, thought and emotions affect immunity and the ability to fight disease?
A. My observations and experiments over two decades have shown that the mind, thoughts, and emotions are the reasons for the “disease state” of cell frequency manifesting as disease. All negative thoughts and emotions create vibrations that disrupt the cell’s frequency, leaving it in a state of abnormality. Symptoms begin to appear gradually as the unwanted frequency grows and begins to spread. Even allopathic doctors refer to stress and tension in diseases like hypertension, diabetes, etc. The beta brain wave is a state of consciousness, but its excess releases cortisol which reduces immunity. Alpha brain waves release chemicals that heal and relax our bodies. Fear is one of the factors behind the excess beta state. Positive thoughts keep you in alpha and negative thoughts in beta. I have spread this message through webinars across the country.
Q. Will spirituality and spiritual healing help with the stress of living during the pandemic?
A. Spirituality and spiritual healing are the need of the hour. Spirituality is not just about going to an ashram or following rituals but, in my opinion, it is more about following simple tools like gratitude, love and forgiveness. It’s more scientific than what others may perceive. Wellness can be introduced through meditation, chanting, positive affirmations and so on to cover the mind, body and soul. The motto should be “change your thoughts to change your life”.
Q. Do energy healing and these practices help speed up recovery during and after Covid?
A. Our observations with Covid patients from the onset of symptoms and throughout the recovery, recuperation and rehabilitation period have been encouraging. As energy healing therapies work on the mind, body and soul, the recovery period is shortened and immunity is strengthened.
Q. Do energy healing and emotional releases also help professionals overcome career issues?
A. It is certainly not a magic wand that will bring results overnight. Losses and setbacks during the pandemic have led to depressions, despairs and fears. It has led to an increase in hypertension, diabetes, heart problems, etc. Meditations, visualizations and other energy therapies and their modules help people to become stronger mentally and emotionally. The mental clarity achieved after energy therapies has led to many new businesses and start-ups. Even women have started businesses, be it cooking, shopping, chocolate making, etc.
Q. How does energy healing help to become mentally stronger and spiritually balanced?
A. There is a technique of energy healing and spirituality. He is supposed to be integrated into his life. Practicing the technique daily would transform one to reach the frequency of well-being. This would lead to a balanced and stronger mental and spiritual state. It is not necessary to follow someone blindly.
Q. Would energy healing even help victims of domestic violence who experienced a flare up during lockdown?
A. Victims of domestic violence need counseling and emotional release sessions. Other therapies like balancing techniques and karmic cord cutting help break the trauma pattern. Complete release of negativities requires a minimum of 21 days to three months of therapies. Then, a scheduled follow-up is also necessary.
Q. Do energy therapies also help young people?
A. Positive affirmations and creative visualizations are great modules to help program the subconscious mind to manifest its desires. We grow up within a limited framework of family values ​​that shapes our belief system and the subconscious mind is also programmed accordingly. Our belief system also limits our talent, strengths and abilities.
Q. Can energy healing help overcome irreversible loss?
A. Any negative situation can lead to depression and even physical illnesses. Again, emotional release sessions help get rid of emotional stress, grief, and depression. It must be practiced for a minimum of 21 days to three months.
Q. How do spirituality and energy healing help find the true meaning of life?
A. I always ask my clients and patients, “Have you met or do you know who you are?” It sounds weird but it is necessary. Meditation helps to know yourself better. When you are in a state of conscious awareness of your inner being, you make an effort to know yourself and know the purpose of life. You start meeting the right person at the right time and in the right situation, which eventually leads you down the path you were chosen for. You have to change your mind to change your life.


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