Retired NFL player Charles Johnson of Covington opens Hebron D1 Fitness Center; wants a “center for children”

D1 Training, a leading fitness concept using the five fundamentals of athletic training, recently opened a new location in Hebron at 1952 North Bend Rd. The Group Fitness Center uses a sustained training program by sports science and led by certified trainers to help people of all ages achieve their athletic and fitness goals.

Former National Football League player Charles Johnson of Covington will join an impressive roster of existing franchisees and investors, some of which include professional athletes such as Super Bowl MVP Von Miller, Tim Tebow and Michael Oher. Additionally, with over 15 years of football experience, Johnson is poised to be successful as a business owner in the fitness arena.

Prior to starting Hebron’s D1 Training, Johnson played professional football for seven years. Johnson wanted to help children and adults achieve their athletic and athletic goals after retiring from the NFL. Eager to serve his community, Johnson hopes this D1 location becomes a safe place for children to grow up on and off the pitch. He intends to ensure that the training is accessible to all those who wish to improve.

“I trained in D1 in 2013 for the NFL Combine and now after retiring from the NFL I’m back in D1 and I have the same feeling in the locker room that I have been missing since leaving the league. Johnson said. “I grew up in Northern Kentucky, this is my community, and I want to give just an ounce of hope and opportunity to help others strive to do more. I want to be a little light for the children in my community, the proof that they can go on and make their wildest dreams come true. This place will be a hub for the children of the Northern Kentucky community to grow up and feel supported, something some children never get the chance to experience here.

Charles johnson

D1 Hebron offers five age-specific programs including Rookie (7-11), Developmental (12-14), Prep (15-18), and D1 Adult. Each fitness program is based on the five sports principles: dynamic warm-up, performance, strength program, base and conditioning, and recovery. Apart from group training, D1 Training offers one-on-one training with world-class coaches. The goal is simple: To continue to build athletes who are dedicated to their sport or fitness goals, regardless of their age or athletic background.

Expanding strategically across the country through franchising, D1 Training has more than 60 open performance centers with more than 120 additional locations in development.

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