RHOA’s Sheree Whitfield Takes Fans Inside Her $2.5 Million Atlanta Mansion’s Renovated Basement With Pool Room And SPA

RHOA star Sheree Whitfield took fans to the basement of her Atlanta mansion after recently remodeling the space.

The nearly $2.5 million home includes a pool room and spa.


RHOA’s Sheree Whitfield stands next to massage chairs in her finished basementCredit: Bravo
The basement is complete with a pool table, spa and bar


The basement is complete with a pool table, spa and barCredit: Bravo

On the May 8 episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sheree took Kenya Moore and viewers to her remodeled basement.

“Kenya hasn’t been in my basement since the bitch snuck in during my housewarming party,” she said in an interview on the show, laughing.

“I finished it. I can’t wait to show that female dog my basement.

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The first part was a “man cave”/games room, with a pool table, chandelier, comfy couch and huge flat screen TV.

Then there was the living room, which had a C-shaped couch with a pile of pillows, a TV, a fireplace, and double doors.

Sheree then went to the living room, which had a nice light fixture and a breakfast bar/kitchen.

There were bar stools along the bar where patrons could sit on the long sofas in the corner, which had mirrors above them on the wall.

The next room was the home cinema, with a comfortable couch and chairs, projector, screen, and snacks.

Upon entering the next and final room, Sheree discovered that her dog had gone into the bathroom on the floor and collapsed before continuing.

Once the mess was sorted out, she took everyone to her favorite room, the spa.

The spa had a sauna, massage chairs, bathroom and area for facials.

The rest of the house, which has not been shown, is complete with five bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

The living room - complete with a bar, chairs and mirrors


The living room – complete with a bar, chairs and mirrorsCredit: Bravo
Sheree's Home Theater


Sheree’s Home TheaterCredit: Bravo
The spa's sauna in its basement


The spa’s sauna in its basementCredit: Bravo
Television and images in the


TV and photos in the “cave of man”Credit: Bravo


When Sheree invited Kenya and the rest of the housewives to Chateau Sheree for a housewarming party, she expected to have a good time, until Kenya sneaked into the unfinished basement.

She pretended to look for the bathroom and went down to the basement to see if she could find any dirt on her co-star.

Kenya fell into an unfinished, messy basement and used it against her.

After seeing the new basement, Kenya said, “I love it.”

“Oh my god, it’s so comfortable. It’s like a club,” she added.

She praised Sheree even more in an episode interview.

“You can’t hate this. How high are these ceilings?! And we’re in the basement. Cheer.”


Sheree called out Kenya for the way she acted during her housewarming party.

“Nothing Miss Kenya does surprises me. I feel like her actions were disrespectful and classless,” she said in one episode.

When Kenya invited her to their home, she didn’t go snooping and pointed out every little detail that needed to be fixed.

“Did I report what I saw at her house that wasn’t finished? ABSOLUTELY, after she started shading me. However, I did not enter her house and wandered around freely in her residence,” Sheree explained.

“I respected the fact that I was in her home and only stayed in the parts of the house that were open to guests.”

Sheree thought they had made up, but after the stunt she shot at her house, she guessed that wasn’t the case.

Despite the incident, she said she was satisfied with how the housewarming party went.


Sheree’s kids are grown and either in college or moving out, so she pretty much lives alone in this big mansion.

However, her recurring boyfriend, Tyrone, was just released from a Philadelphia halfway house at the end of April.

Tyrone was sentenced to 10 years in prison for wire fraud after stealing $5 million from investors.

He was released early from a federal prison in Kentucky in February 2021 due to Covid-related issues and lived in a halfway house in Philadelphia, where he reunited and spent time with Sheree.

The Bureau of Prisons exclusively confirmed to The Sun that Tyrone was released on January 13, 2022 from a facility overseen by the Philadelphia Residential Reentry Management Office.

Sheree and Tyrone separated at the time of his arrest, but they reconciled and started dating again in 2016 while he was incarcerated.

The couple separated again when he lost his appeal, but they rekindled their relationship when he was finally released.

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs every Sunday at 8/7 on Bravo.

Additionally, you can stream episodes anytime on Peacock.

Mirrors in the living room


Mirrors in the living roomCredit: Bravo
The living room, which has crystal bricks in the fireplace


The living room, which has crystal bricks in the fireplaceCredit: Bravo
Inside the basement spa area


Inside the basement spa areaCredit: Bravo

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