sayantani: Sayantani Ghosh: I miss the celebration of Kali Pujo in Kolkata

It’s Christmas time and her family is missing Tera Yaar Hoon lead actress Sayantani Ghosh. She was unable to make it to Calcutta this year to celebrate Kali Puja due to her busy schedule. Becoming nostalgic for the festival, she said, “For me, Diwali has always been about Kali Pujo, because I’m from Kolkata. It’s a festival of lights with positive vibes around and a lot of catching up takes place with family and friends. After Durga Pujo, Diwali is something that I have always resonated with because I consider Maa Kali to be my strength. I miss my family during the festival because I live in Mumbai, ”says Sayantani.

She further adds, “In Calcutta, in the middle of Amavasya, we offer Pushpanjali to Maa Kali, so going to Kali Mandir at night and praying, chanting mantras is a whole different feeling. I miss it all here.

The actress says the first few years in Mumbai were difficult for her during festivals, but now she also considers Mumbai her home. “The very first year I came here, it was difficult for me since I was very young, and staying away from my family was difficult. After spending 15-16 years in this city, I now fully connect with it. I remember my first Diwali in Mumbai was very emotional because it made me nostalgic and I wanted to go back to Calcutta. I have always been a family person and staying away during a festival was very difficult. I believe a festival isn’t just about popping crackers and having fun; there are tons of emotions attached to it, ”says Sayantani.

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