Should you exercise when you are sick? An expert reveals the answer

Avoid exercising and allow your body to rest properly when you are sick

It’s hard to go without exercising when you’re a fitness enthusiast. Many people train every day and continue to exercise even when they are not feeling well. While it may be difficult for you to abstain from exercise no matter what, you must choose to relax during illness. Fitness trainer Kayla Itsines said the same in her latest Instagram post. In the caption, she wrote: “When it comes to working out when you feel sick or have a cold, I always say rest better. There are several reasons for this.” She then explained the importance of resting when the body is not healthy.

Skip your workout and take a day off in case of illness

Kayla said, “When you’re sick your body works so hard to try to improve, so you need to get as much rest as possible and eat well to give yourself the best chance of recovering.”

If people continue to train while they are sick, they can end up delaying their recovery time by overworking their bodies, Kayla warned. She clarified that there was no “sweat” in the event of a cold. “You can also make others around you uncomfortable if you plan to go to the gym when you are sick. So get enough rest when you are sick,” she added.

Kayla suggested that people should take it easy and start with light exercise. Now in the situation, the fitness enthusiast said she often starts with a light walk and a few relaxation sessions after recovery. The most important tip – “Listen to your body and assess how you are feeling. Be honest with yourself. Don’t go straight back to your normal workout, slowly build up your strength,” Kayla added.

Despite all of this, if you still don’t know when to start exercising again, see your doctor, Kayla said.

Take a look at Kayla’s in-depth article:

Kayla continues to inspire people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Prior to that, she had shared a video of a 10-minute exercise routine on Instagram. She had demonstrated some exercises that you can perform in the comfort of your home. You wouldn’t need any equipment either. There are eight exercises including Pop Squat (40 seconds), X Plank (20 seconds), Pop Squat (40 seconds), X Mountain Climber (20 seconds), Pop Squat (40 seconds), Glute Bridge (20 seconds), Pop Squat (40 seconds) and Heel Tap (20 seconds). She said that these exercises would help shed those extra pounds.

Follow a proper fitness regimen, but if you do get sick, get enough rest, as Kayla suggested.

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