Sing these Shanidev mantras today, all suffering will be removed

Today is Saturday and Shani Bhagwan is worshiped on Saturday. Saturday is dedicated to Shanidev. Shanidev is revered on this day. Shani Dev is considered the god of Insaf. It is said that people with whom Shanidev is happy receive rajpath, while those with a curved view of Shanidev are unsuccessful in their life. In such a situation, if you also want to please Shanidev, you should chant special mantras every Saturday. Chanting these mantras will remove any suffering you have. Let’s make these mantras known …

Here is the mantra: –
– Om Shannodeviravishya Apo Bhavantu Peete Shanyorbhistravantu Na:.
– Om Pran Prem Pruns: Shanaiskarai Namah:
– Om Ain Hlin Srishnaiskarai Namah.
-Konstha Pinglo Babhru: Krishnao Raudrontko Yam:.
– Souri: Shanaishero Sun: Pippaladen Recommended: ..
– Tantric mantra of Saturn – Om Pran Prem Pruns: Shanaiskarai Namah:
– A Krishnagai Vidmahe Raviputraya Dhimhi Tann: Souri: Pradhayat

Don’t look into Shani Dev’s eyes: –
According to religious beliefs, Saturn should not be seen in the eyes of God. Always keep your eyes down while worshiping Shani Dev. Shaking your eyes with Shani Dev can give you an evil eye on Shani Dev.

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