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Weight over what is considered healthy for a given height is described as being too heavy or obese. However, only a few take steps to prevent it in advance, for some when it is already too late, which leads to depression and self-hatred.

According to the World Nutrition Report, the prevalence of overweight children under five is 7.9% in Rwanda and about 9.3% of adult women (aged 18 and over) and 1.9% of adult men live with obesity. Rwanda has been working on ways to prevent the figure from rising, however, no significant progress has been made, and some fear it may even get worse.

A survey conducted by Rwanda Demographic Health in 2015 also showed that 34% of women were obese or overweight in the city of Kigali against 21% nationally.

Angelique Ikuzwe, the 2nd runner-up, lost 16.2 kg against 129 kg

Overweight in women is often caused by changes in their hormones (ovarian hormones) after childbirth, according to a report from the National Library of Medicine at the United States National Institute of Health, and is usually caused by anyone. by consuming large amounts. energy, especially fats and sugars, which causes the body to store more calories than it consumes.

“The health risks associated with being overweight are heart disease, stroke, chronic respiratory disease and certain types of cancer,” says Dr Evariste Ntaganda, director of cardiovascular disease at Rwanda Biomedical Center.

“In addition, those with overweight issues tend to have mental health issues and a poor quality of life, often leading to suicide,” he adds.

And that would have been the case for Angelique Ikuzwe if it hadn’t been for Slim n ‘Fit Rwanda, a weight loss and wellness center, through a health and fitness program.

Fight obesity

“I started to gain a lot of weight in elementary school. I would be intimidated by other students and be the source of jokes. I weighed over 80 kilos even before I was 15, which made me hate my body. It got worse by the time I went to high school, and I couldn’t take it anymore, so I decided to drop out of school.

“A few years later, I tried unsuccessfully looking for a job because people questioned my abilities or just made rude comments about my weight. ‘You’re going to die’ people were saying and I started to believe them. I was alone in my room all the time to hide from visitors and everyone. At one point, I stopped showering; just waiting for death to come and take me.

“I even lost my appetite but my weight continued to increase. All the while, my mom was the only person I relied on, even though I had stopped listening to her words of encouragement. When I started having suicidal thoughts, I wrote him a letter that included goodbye and my gratitude, ”Ikuzwe says.

Fortunately, before making the decision to end her own life, she saw a video of Slim n ‘Fit on YouTube.

“I decided to call and join. It wasn’t because it gave me any special hope, it just made me feel like it was the one place where I would be understood by people with similar issues.

“Now I have HOPE for life and I live it happy. As I lost weight, I also lost the negative mood. I have learned to love my body and it is a relief to be able to breathe without difficulty, to go where I want to and do a lot of things on my own, from the smallest like lifting my own bucket of water to bathe, ”says Ikuzwe.

Ikuzwe placed second in the Slim n ‘Fit 90 Day Biggest Weight Loser Challenge which ended on September 18th. She lost 16.2 kg, against 129 kg. The third runner-up was Pacifique Rwamasirabo who lost 14.3 kg against 92.8 kg. The champion of the challenge was Marie Ange Ingabire, who lost 26.9 kg against 128 kg. Their efforts were rewarded with prizes including clothing and athletic shoes from Sportsland Ltd, a one-year subscription to the Waka Fitness Gym, water and porridge flour from Jibu to be provided for a period of six. month.

Team working

Florence Uwamwezi, the founder of Slim n ‘Fit, who has gone through the weight loss journey herself, says it doesn’t stop when the 90-day goal ends.

“We are not yet where we want to be, but we are grateful to God for where we are now, together we will continue to inspire and help as many people as possible, including men in the future,” says- she.

The “90 Day Biggest Weight Loser Challenge” includes workouts with professional trainers, a diet recommended by a professional nutritionist, and a monthly meeting to accelerate monthly weight loss goals.

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