Tempo Move Home Gym Review

Home fitness has never been more popular, and with a growing number of pro-level home gym tools and accessories on the market, it has never been more accessible.

Gone are the days of having to hit the fitness studio or getting ready for work in a grubby gym locker room before rushing to the office. You’ve probably heard of Peloton and Lululemon’s Fitness MIRROR, but the latest home fitness device for 2022 is the Tempo Move, a compact home gym equipped with real-time feedback. The best part? Tempo is currently running a New Years deal, so you can cash out $ 100 on the already affordable home gym.

Tempo movement

From $ 495

This all-in-one home gym literally fits anywhere and hides all your workout gear. All you need is a TV and a compatible iPhone to get started.

So how does Tempo Move work? Basically, this is an iPhone and AI powered home gym designed with compact storage for 50 pounds of convertible weights. Your iPhone connects to the Move offering real-time feedback and guidance (i.e. form correction and rep tracking) for a personalized training session.

To gain access to Tempo’s library of expert-led fitness classes including HIIT, stretching, targeted resistance training, and more, you need to download the app to your phone and pay a monthly membership fee of $ 39.95. Plus, there are new live and on-demand courses to choose from every day.

If you think about it, it’s a lot cheaper than your monthly gym membership, so it will pay off in a matter of months. Also, with social distancing measures still firmly in place, who knows when it will be safe to return to the gyms. Plus, unlike oversized fitness bikes, exercise mirrors, and other home fitness equipment, the Move takes up little space and isn’t an eyesore either. Now, if you’ve got room for something more substantial, be sure to check out Tempo’s full-size fitness studio, which currently costs $ 500.

Tempo Studio

From $ 2495

This full-size fitness studio is equipped with a vertical 3D fitness system that offers all the benefits of Move powered by AI.

The future of fitness is officially here, all of you. If you’ve been looking to improve your home workout outfit for a while, now is a great time to score this next level home gym while it’s on sale.

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