The Flying Squads Fitness Club was awarded Best Gym in India, DADASAHEB PHALKE DUBAI AWARDS 2022

How did the birth of the Flying Squads take place?

Why Muay Thai, MMA and related fitness activities were brought to Mumbai by Mr. Pratik Mayekar?

August 18: Let’s all listen to the story of the proud owner of Flying Squads Fitness Club, Mr. Pratik Mayekar, and how he planned to learn and learn about Muay Thai, MMA and fitness things associated with India!

Mr. Pratik Mayekar is proud to own not one, not two, but 4 organizations. To be precise with words, he sponsors fighters from India to Russia and Thailand for international MMA fights. Mr. Pratik says, “ideas and passion are both of a kind!” Well, it’s true for him because he lives for his energy and enthusiasm and gets his thoughts executed!

His concept of Muay Thai was out of the crate, and he started his task in Mumbai with his enormous efforts. He had a thought after conversing with his sister Ms. Shweta

Mayekar, she is an expert medical consultant at Flying Squads Fitness Club. The brother-sister duo came up with an undeniable fitness project where they didn’t want their clients to visit various fitness and wellness centers for different fitness activities!

Therefore, considering taking care of the client’s physical, mental and energetic prosperity has taken a turn!

Now, since you all know how the Flying Squads Fitness Club came into existence through the radiant and wonderful efforts of Mr. Pratik!

Let us know about the gym now!

The Gym is India’s first Indo-Thai Gym, uniting India and Thailand!

The Flying Squads Fitness Club was awarded Best Gym in India and the DADASAHEB PHALKE DUBAI AWARDS 2022!!

Flying Squads is unique and special compared to others because the Muay Thai warriors of Flying Squads fight in the Thai circle. At regular intervals of 6 months, Flying Squads has its preliminary trials across India. We will seek out the best fighters across the country who share the same love, happiness and enthusiasm as us.

After their successful and successful trials in the Flying Squads, they are then ready for their advanced high level training in Thailand and we are proud to sponsor and support their training, preparation and accommodation in Thailand. We have the best warriors from different parts of the world. At Flying Squads, we know what it takes to be the best and what it feels like to be the best.

Be part of the amazing fitness club with more than 10 equipments like yoga, zumba, MMA, aerobics, muay thai, weight training, ice-bath, kids gymnastics, Bollywood fitness, cafe (vegetarian and non-vegetarian), the unisex lounge & similar facilities.

Be part of this cast of champions.

Now you know why Flying Squads Fitness Club is the best gym in India!

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