The Gainesville Spa offers luxury services for children

Jacqueline Huggins, mother of four, walked through Thornebrook Village shopping center with her family when she saw the construction of Trinity’s Day Spa in 2018. The spa was only for girls and young teens.

After seeing the business in the making, her kids put Trinity’s Day Spa on their summer bucket list.

Gainesville residents visited the spa, located at 2441 NW 43rd St, last summer to pick out their own nail polish. The polish stayed in place for two weeks, through weathering pools and beach visits.

“It was almost like the Disneyland of nails and hair and all things girly and glitter,” Huggins said. “It was so cool. I wish they had something like this when I was a kid.

The spa offers girls, from toddlers to high schoolers, a unique experience that owner and founder Edwennia Moore says will leave them feeling like a princess.

Bright pink walls overlook luxurious thrones where children sit while dipping their feet in water and having their fingernails painted. Disney music plays overhead as the girls choose their own bath bombs. Kids can dress in purple boas and twirl around in a large mirror after donning their new look.

Moore has always dreamed of opening his own business. As a stay-at-home mom for the first five years with daughter Trinity, Moore noticed her daughter was jealous of her trips to the spa. But Moore struggled to find a spa suitable for a younger audience.

“Most places, either they’re not for kids or if they’re for kids, they don’t have the same experience as adults,” she said. “When you get a pedicure, you want to put your feet in the water, you want to splash your feet, you want to have your feet massaged. ”

Moore said Trinity would have to sit on her lap when having her toes or fingernails painted, which would make it impossible for Trinity to have her own spa experience.

“I noticed the nail technicians never interacted with my daughter, which means they’re having a conversation,” Moore said. “Hey, how are you today?” What did you do at school? What do you love doing? Who is your favorite princess? Do you have a favorite Disney movie? ‘ It was silence.

Thirteen years later, Moore resigned as a loan officer at a credit union and opened Trinity’s Day Spa – named after her daughter – on November 2, 2018.

Moore also created a clothing line called “Pinky Promise,” including hoodies, t-shirts and other accessories. She has created a “Kidpreneur” pop-up store that allows children to exercise their entrepreneurial spirit. Additionally, Moore hosted a “Back 2 School Braid Bash” at the spa, which gave 35 to 40 local students free braided hairstyles.

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She said she wanted to continue to develop her clientele in Gainesville and eventually expand to other locations.

“I want all the little girls [to be] able to talk about Trinity’s Day Spa and how it is their favorite place, ”said Moore. “I want them to know that they have a place of their own, that they can go pamper themselves and that they don’t have to go where mom is going now.”

Gabrielle Jenkins and her 9-year-old daughter Danielle have visited Trinity’s Day Spa frequently since it opened.

Jenkins said there weren’t many places in town, especially spas, just for kids.

“It’s very, very special I think, not only for my child, but for all the other kids who have the opportunity to visit the spa as they are treated with royalty from the moment they walk in the door,” said Jenkins said.

Parents can also benefit from the service if they opt for a “Mum and me” or “Dad and me” service with their child.

Jenkins said the staff were friendly and treated her daughter with the utmost care and attention to detail.

“Trinity’s Day Spa is the best place I have been to have my nails and toenails done,” Danielle said. “They treat me like a real princess.”

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