The Greatness of the Vedas – The Hindu

In his Thirumandiram, Thirumoolar speaks of the greatness of the Vedas, R. Narayanan said in a speech. Thirumoolar says that some speak of righteous things not mentioned in the Vedas. But, according to Thirumoolar, there are no dharmas that are not mentioned in the Vedas. Good scholars avoid debates, which do not refer to the Vedas, says Thirumoolar. The Supreme Brahman is represented by the Vedas. There are some who study the Vedas, but they focus on the Karma Kanda part, which deals with rituals. They learn the relevant mantras required for the rituals, but ignore the Jnana Kanda. The Jnana Kanda shows us the Supreme, who is the embodiment of Jnana. One who does not study the Jnana Kanda section, but simply recites mantras, will never realize the nature of Brahman. His outward appearance may suggest a life of piety and learning, but this will not bring him closer to Brahman. One must meditate on Lord Siva and think beyond the world of cit (sensitive) and acit (non-sensitive). One should immerse oneself in Siva bhakti. There are those who revere the devas in search of blessings of all kinds. They rarely praise Shiva. This is due to their karma.

Thirumoolar says that the Vedas have six angas. These are – Siksa (phonetic); Vyakarana (grammar); Nirukta (etymology); Kalpa (rules concerning rituals); Chandas (prosody); Jyotisha (astronomy and astrology). Some people study all of these aspects of the Vedas well, and yet do not reap the benefits of such a study, because they do not worship Siva, says Thirumoolar. Literature, music and dance bestow good qualities on people. But some people use their fine art skills to make money. Likewise, some who study the Vedas use their knowledge to earn money. The purpose of Vedic study is the attainment of Siva, says Thirumoolar.

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