The gyms are open again – how do I get back on the exercise cart if I have been sitting on my butt for 4 months?

If the most exercise you’ve done in the past four months is waddling from your desk to the refrigerator and vice versa, the same is true. If your neck and shoulders are very tight after watching contests with your screen, it’s the same.

The lockdown has hit us hard, and in such a volatile time, no one is judging whether you’ve given up on bi-weekly Pilates in favor of bi-weekly pizza.

It’s safe to say that the past few months have been an eventful time for Aucklanders, many of whom have wholeheartedly surrendered to the stay-at-home order and embraced a life of sweatpants, sitting and pints of strawberry and cream from Häagen-Dazs (just me?)

The gymnasiums were closed, the studios were closed. I no longer had to justify why I was too tired or too stressed or too busy to drive 10 minutes down the road for a 30 minute workout. With the suspension of my gym membership and the supermarket as my only outlet, I accepted the bastard life, giving up any hope of getting some Tammy Hembrow loot by the end of the year.

But not anymore.

The “traffic light” system is now in full swing. Gyms have opened their doors. People all show off in bikinis and Bondi Sands. Physical form is no longer abandoned; a concept relegated to the distant future where I could go to the gym more than once every three months.

So for anyone who needs a little help relaxing on that exercise cart, Newshub spoke to Lululemon Ambassador and Ponsonby-based SALA Studio Founder Sarah Lindsey for her best advice. to get back into the bath. We are waxed, waxed and ready for six packs!

If we absolutely fell off the exercise wagon during the lockdown, what advice do you have for getting back to it?

Find things that support your new exercise goals, whether it’s your friends or the right athletic clothes to motivate you. I always find something new [to wear] when I get back to things like a new outfit, I feel supported in my workout and instantly motivated to move.

I also have a WhatsApp responsibility group where my friends and I post pictures from the workout we just did, which makes it feel like we are holding each other accountable. It’s also a reminder that exercise can be fun and social.

Help, I feel like I have lost all my strength or flexibility! Can this happen in a matter of weeks, and if so, what is the best way to combat it?

While it can be easy to get discouraged, it’s medically proven that it’s faster to regain muscle and stamina, even after as long as three months off. It is essential to be patient with yourself and have confidence that your perseverance will allow you to regain any lost strength or flexibility! You got that!

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