The Irony of Time’s Up’s “Toxic” Workplace

Time’s Up ribbon. VALERIE MACON / AFP via Getty Images

Despite its female-led, survivor-centric momentum, Time’s Up, the nonprofit advocacy group that emerged in 2018 as an ‘idealist’ against long-standing paradigms in the industry entertainment, has been criticized by former employees as a “classic toxic work environment.” , “with a so-called” particularly rudderless “mission, Slate reports.

As a former staff member explained: “This is an organization whose # 1 campaign was pay equity right now, and it was the only job where I experienced a pay gap. . The workers also claimed that there was a “lack of clarity around the objectives”, which made it “impossible” to do a good job.

“I didn’t know how we presented ourselves to the survivors or how we even changed anything,” one staff member said (in one hit, the organization’s legal defense fund would do a great job).

Other problems arose from the organization’s “high-level culture”, chaotic prioritization of policies, and the demand for work-life balance. “It got to the point where, if I took an hour-long yoga class on the weekend, I felt like I had to let people know that I wasn’t going to be able to reply to my texts.” said another staff member.

Employees were also reportedly told to “pay attention to their tone, say thank you, ask fewer questions,” writes Slate. “It looked like the Twilight Zone,” said one person. “These are the kinds of things in a male dominated workplace that women go through all the time, why we can’t move on.”

Said another former worker, “powerful women at the top “:” I think they’ve overcome a lot in their careers and ‘beaten the patriarchy’ – but learned all the tricks of the trade. “to protect powerful people, not to protect survivors they abuse or harass. Slate.

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