Three Habits That Helped This Woman Lose 80 Pounds Without Trying

Ten years ago, when Stephanie Wagner turned 40, it was a cruel year. She saw her father suffer from an illness that made her want to spend almost every day by his bedside in the hospital. During this heartbreaking time, Wagner realized that one day she too could be in the hospital bed, fighting for her life, if she continued to live as she did, indulging in her ways. unhealthy. “I was stressed, sleepless, anxious, overweight,” Wagner recalls in a conversation on Zoom. “My doctor told me I was pre-diabetic.” It was enough.

Motivated by the fear of getting sick, she made the decision to change her lifestyle, starting with a few key habits, and getting healthy once and for all. The next day, she decided to hit the gym at work and try something she had never done in her life: exercise. A few weeks later, after constantly walking until one in the morning, Wagner found even more motivation to change his life for the better.

The start of Wagner’s weight loss journey

“I’ve always been someone who meditates, but the process has never helped me physically,” she says now. She remembered being curious about health and wellness, but not motivated enough to put in the effort to make changes and create new, healthy habits. Her lifelong excuse for eating poorly and not exercising was chronic stress.

Wagner had to hit his lowest point before everything changed. Back then, her diet consisted of late night runs for fast food burgers and fries, uncontrolled snacks on fries, an indulgence in copious amounts of cheese, and always, simple carbs like bread, pasta or pizza. “I came home late from work and called [in] food every night. She worked at a stressful company that required her to travel the world and live in hotels, and room service was always a phone call away. “I was teaching people about eco-friendly beauty, and yet I was reaching my breaking point.”

Healthy lifestyle habit 1: exercise or especially walking

It all started with the treadmill. Walking for up to one o’clock every day in the first hour of the morning, without excuses, was the start of her journey that eventually saw her lose 80 pounds, without even getting started.

Wagner’s original intention was to get healthy, and that was it. “I never had a goal of losing weight,” she recalls. This was to avoid illnesses and lifestyle diseases like diabetes.

Yet within a week of making the new habit of regular morning exercise, simply walking for an hour, Wagner felt so good about her decision to become active that she was inspired to change the way she ate as well. Curious about the best diet for health and wellness, she started researching all diets and eventually made a commitment to trying to eat plant-based, as well as gluten-free, as she knew it did. would also require to reduce its calorie intake.

Healthy Habit 2: Plant-Based, Gluten-Free Diet

Whenever someone loses a lot of weight, it is interesting to know what they are eating on a typical day. While Wagner hasn’t started cooking meals or buying fresh produce, it’s heartening to know that it’s possible to eat healthy and not spend a lot of time or money.

In fact, when Wagner switched to a plant-based diet, she first did so by eating lots of frozen meals and store-bought vegan alternatives to meat and cheese. She even ate prepackaged plant-based snacks and vegan energy bars, just for convenience, but ultimately decided to try cooking her own meals – and found she loved it. “I cooked recipes with lots of lentils, rice and beans, tempeh or tofu, and all kinds of vegetables,” she recalls. “I made soups, peppers, protein pancakes, and even plant-based yogurt. Plus, I made lentil cakes and other types of plant-based and gluten-free breads.”

Breakfast: Protein Pancakes

Breakfast: Lentil, rice and bean soups with tempeh or tofu

Nibble: Vegetable fruit yogurt

Having dinner: Lentil Bread Cake

After a few days of walking on the treadmill and eating plant-based and gluten-free foods, Wagner noticed a difference in his energy levels, mood, and attitude change – and physique. “I was losing 1.5 pounds a week,” she says now. “And I was living my values.”

Healthy Habit 3: Mindful or Meditative Eating

Six months after starting the plant-based, gluten-free diet, Wagner had lost 50 pounds. She attributes her regular and natural weight loss not only to a constant habit of diet and exercise, but also to the technique of mindful eating.

She used a form of meditation that allowed her to slow down while she ate and really enjoy her food and savor the taste. “When you think about how satisfying your food is, you can avoid overeating,” she explains now. “I thought about the taste, the texture, the smell,” she says. She was also listening for hunger signals that would tell her when she was 80 percent full and then stop eating. “I tended to my body and fed it what it needed, instead of what it wanted.”

How to practice meditative eating

Wagner advised anyone who wants to practice mindful or meditative eating to turn off their phone and be present with their food. “Be aware of your eating habits, identify what is not serving you, then take a break and set the intention to check with yourself. Take a few breaths and ask yourself how you feel during the meal, and ask yourself if you are still hungry. “

Within a year of his lifestyle changes and eating habits, Wagner lost 80 pounds and learned to trust the wisdom of his body. It meant she knew how to maintain a healthy weight: “I knew I would stop losing weight at a healthy weight,” she explained. In addition to the weight loss, her blood pressure dropped, she stopped needing medication for her blood pressure and insomnia, and she noticed a positive impact on her metabolism. Her doctor also tells her that she is no longer prediabetic, which relieves her. (In America, over 100 million adults have this disease and since it has no symptoms, it can be medically dangerous because you won’t know it unless you get tested. Ask your doctor about you. test.)

During Wagner’s health journey, she quit her corporate job to become a mediation instructor, and now she works for Innovations for a healthy mind to help others reduce stress and find calm in their lives, just like she has. In fact, Wagner has just launched a program called “Jump Start” which includes 4 online sessions, daily messages, wellness assessments and a 30 day meditation challenge.

Wagner wants to share his mantra and the message it contains. “My mantra is ‘As it is.’ What this means to me is to just be with things as they are.You don’t need to fix everything or get carried away with things as this kind of resistance can cause stress. . “

Conclusion: To be healthy and lose weight, change your lifestyle

Try to eat a healthy diet consisting mostly of plant-based foods and exercise every day, even if it is just walking for an hour in the morning. Choose healthy, gluten-free foods if possible. Then, as you eat, pay attention to your food and how it tastes, and listen to your hunger cues. If you only eat until you are 80 percent full, you are giving your body what it needs, not what it wants.

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