Top 12 Black American-Owned Spas to Fix Your Broken Heart on Valentine’s Day

Visit one of the best black-owned spas for Valentine’s Day and mend your broken heart by pampering yourself. Spas offer a wide range of amenities, but there’s something special about visiting a black-owned spa. The services and amenities on this list are just as diverse as the women who run these spas.

With backgrounds ranging from the military to school in Paris, the story behind each spa is inspiring and uplifting in its own way. The passion they each have for their craft, whether it’s massage, holistic healing, working as a beautician, or caring for black skin, there’s one thing each of these owners has in common. .

The one thing all of these women have in common is their insistence and focus on the importance of self-care. Taking care of yourself, even if you’re not heartbroken, can be something people often forget to do. Hot tubs make it easy. Something as simple as running a bath to soak your bones. Or, a good deep tissue foot massage would do the trick.

Day passes and monthly memberships are growing in popularity with black-owned spas for Valentine’s Day. You can pay to use spa amenities daily or monthly. This usually includes the sauna and baths, as well as the use of bathrobes and slippers. But, some of the black-owned spas listed below will go above and beyond to take care of your broken heart this Valentine’s Day. Think salt rooms and chromotherapy! (If we missed your state, check out the list of 50 spas in 50 states.)

1. Zamariya Spa of Africa – Charlotte, North Carolina

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Black Owned Spa, Zamariya Spa of Africa, can help you take care of things as important as your broken heart. Yoni vapors are offered, as are vagicals. Yes, you guessed it, a facial for your lady parts! This African-inspired spa definitely evokes feelings of curiosity!

2. Noble Lane Mansion – Bethany, Pennsylvania

Open since 2011, The Mansion at Noble Lane is the passion project of owner Monique Greenwood. She opened the spa and bed and breakfast after 20 years working as an editor. The mansion employs the best masseuses and beauticians in the region to help you relax and shine.

3. Violet J Spa and Wellness – San Jose, CA

For 14 years, Violet Johnson closed her salon, Violet J Spa and Wellness, to serve her San Jose homeless community. She helps women re-enter the community with her spa services. Try Ayurvedic Oil Treatment for Valentine’s Day. The oil is gently poured onto your forehead and massaged into your head to stimulate blood flow to your brain.

4. Veola’s Day Spa and Wellness Center – Chicago, IL

Mother and daughter, Veola and Jasmine James, own Veola’s Day Spa in Chicago. This black-owned spa is for those looking to mend their hearts and “release tension and stress while honoring themselves.” Get the usual facial and massage and stay in the hydrotherapy bath, Vichy shower room and steam room.

5. Simple Wellness Day Spa – Baltimore, MD

Simple Wellness Day Spa is a black-owned spa in Baltimore. It offers massages and facials. If you look deeper, you’ll find that the spa practices iridology, the study of the eyes to detect impurities and disease. Think you’re ready to start your loch journey? This spa offers Loch services and trichology consultations.

6. Grace and Grit Spa – Cincinnati, Ohio

Crystal Grace knew the first time she had a facial that her path was going to lead straight to a holistic spa. Grace and Grit Spa offers facials, with a beard-oriented couple. A comprehensive list of waxing services is also available to help you forget the pain in your heart.

7. Renewed Beauty and Spa – Warner Robins, Georgia

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After serving in the military, Nicole Houser, a black veteran, switched gears. She launched Renewed Beauty and Spa at Warner Robins. Houser is learning and growing with her spa, also educating herself formally. Get the back and face treatment, then get your hair and nails done on Valentine’s Day. A beautiful day to take care of yourself.

8. Bettye O Day Spa – Chicago, IL

The Bettye O Day Spa belongs to the Oprah of black skincare. Upon her return from school in Paris, France Bettye Odem, “introduced the concept of total skincare to the African-American community in Chicago.” Take care of your broken heart and your skin with its full line of skin care products.

9. DESUAR Spa DTLA – Los Angeles, CA

DESUAR Spa DTLA is owned by esthetician and CMT, Deisy Suarez. Its approach to wellness includes the ability to pay for the service in the first place. Massages and value-priced packages include eco-friendly treatments, jet lag recovery, and lymphatic massage.

10. Poppi’s Spa+Lounge – OKC, Oklahoma

Owner TJ Woodberry knows what a spa day should look like at Poppi’s Spa + Lounge. Massages, wraps and facials are ready for your pleasure. If you’re short on time or money, buy a $30 day pass and enjoy the sauna, salt therapy, and chromotherapy (color light therapy).

11. Replenish: The Spa Co-op – Columbus, Ohio

A multi-generational family of owners, Replenish: The Spa Co-op is unique. It offers traditional services as well as group sleep and a deep foot massage. “Restorative care + connection are the core ingredients of everything we create.” This black-owned spa is sure to pamper your broken heart this Valentine’s Day

12. ANOZ Spa Boutique – Long Island, New York

Sharon E. Webb-Richards, co-founder of ANOZ Spa Boutique, is a holistic health coach. Her spa specializes in Caribbean self-care and her “goal is to help you on your journey to achieving your self-care goals.” Reserve the exfoliating treatment and scrub your broken heart.

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