Town of Montgomery Partners to Acquire Fitness Center

MONTGOMERY, West Virginia (WOAY) – “This is something I want to make a lot more friendships and something that I spend a lot of my time in,” says Wyatt Coleman, a strong building advocate.

“I hope we can show people that this community wants this place back, just like me.”

The former Neal D Baisi Sports Center may just be a building for the groups that left it behind, but for the town of Montgomery it is a place of community, well-being, memories. and a lot of potential.

Once a fitness venue for WVU Tech and then YMCA, residents still have plenty of things they can use the building for, and they come together to take a peek at the vision.

“We hope to get the attention so that people realize it’s here, we want it to be open and we will support it,” said Lou Ann Bowmen of the Montgomery Park Board of Directors.

In its heyday, the fitness center hosted lessons in swimming, scuba diving, archery, among many other activities, and it saw guests from Fayette and Kanawha counties participate in the action.

But, after 20 years of abandoning the work to bring the building up to standard, he is now appealing to the community to save it.

“It’s just a real void, and we feel like we’ve been abandoned by the state as far as it goes,” Bowmen says.

The city is committed to operating the building if it can get the funds it needs to do so, which currently depends on permission from the governor’s office, but with the whole community coming together, the centre’s vision could soon become a reality.

The doors to the fitness center were open to the community all day Saturday, and people were free to come in and write down their ideas about the building’s potential, as well as participate in ongoing activities.

The town of Montgomery encourages citizens to contact the governor’s office and let them know why the sports center should remain open.

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