Trauma-Friendly and Body-Positive Fitness Studios in Vancouver

As society continues to move away from dietary culture and fixations on appearance rather than general wellness, and gravitates towards body-positive and inclusive mindsets, we are seeing more and more brands s dealing with mindfulness and diversity. We see it, for example, in sizing in clothing stores, advertisements and billboards, and brand messages.

Fitness is also evolving towards conscious and holistic movement.

The term “trauma-informed movement” has also caught on. It is rooted in understanding how traumatic events and chronic stress can impact the nervous system and focuses on creating a safe space to reconnect with the body. Body positivity and body neutrality have also become more popular terms and are both particularly empowering. The first emphasizes the unconditional love of his body and the second emphasizes his body.

For those who want to squeeze a little more out of a workout class, these wellness and movement studios around Vancouver all focus on trauma-informed, body-positive, and gender-neutral holistic approaches to fitness. for the body.

Cmmn Grnd

This fitness and well-being space is based on three fundamental values: social well-being, body neutrality and gender neutrality. Their classes are for everyone, regardless of experience level, and vary to include different types of movement, like spin classes, meditation, mat Pilates, and yoga. All of their instructors are trauma trained and know how to create a safe and inclusive movement space.

At the line

This fitness studio focuses on Pilates, strength and pre- and post-natal training, with exercises incorporating trauma-informed, holistic and anatomically aware movements and breaths. The founders specialize in strength and conditioning, rehabilitation and Pilates with a specialized approach to training the female body, taking into account prenatal, menstrual cycles, fertility and more. The studio’s instructors vary in training, from trauma-informed yoga instructors to Ayurvedic wellness consultants/yoga teachers, and all focus on making movement accessible to everyone.

Radiant effect

This holistic movement studio is centered on education and empowerment. It’s more than sweating and feeling good with endorphins. Through the process of education, embodiment and reflection, coupled with a blend of traditional Chinese medicine and a holistic approach, this space allows you to take full control of your health. Along with mindful movement practices such as Pilates, restorative yoga, and somatic therapy, the studio will equip you with tools to regulate your mind (manage stress, balance hormones, live in harmony) and energy (traditional medicine Chinese such as cupping, acupuncture, Gua sha).

Pheonix Community Yoga

This non-profit studio offers free yoga classes in underserved and marginalized communities and creates a welcoming, safe and inclusive space for all bodies. Each of their classes is taught with a trauma-informed approach to yoga, helping to process and release emotionally charged experiences, to feel safer and more balanced, and to learn tools that help to cope and to heal.

Kunye’s Well

This new addition to the Vancouver movement scene will meet you where you already are, whether you’re a curious beginner or a regular exerciser. The studio encourages you to move but feels better for your body and classes incorporate multiple sensations at once to help ground you in the present, away from mental chatter, and offer intentionally small classes so the space is more inclusive. There are different types of movements available depending on your body’s needs, including classes that strengthen, open, condition, and educate.

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