UNCW students help seriously injured Leland man in gym

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A routine workout at a local gym quickly turned into a scary encounter for a Leland man. Frank Meskowsky said Feb. 16 that he was in a gymnasium in Wilmington, where a stretching cage weighing hundreds of pounds toppled over him.

After lifting weights, he went to use a stretching machine, which he had used many times before. He said the equipment was unstable and fell when he used it. The incident left him with a large gash on his head, which led to surgery.

“Because I didn’t release my hands from the bar, the whole machine, a 600lb machine, fell on my head,” Frank Meskowsky said.

After someone took the equipment away from him, Meskowsky was lying on his back, bleeding. UNCW senior Taylor Wright, who is studying exercise science, and nursing student Juliana Magyar, who were training in the gymnasium, ran to help.

“From there we ran and got some towels and things we could use to help him. I grabbed his head to try and stop the bleeding, and Juliana went to get his hands, because the hands were also covered in blood,” said UNCW student Taylor Wright.

“The next thing I knew, I had two young women at the top of my head helping me, helping me, when everyone was just standing there. so if those girls weren’t there, I could have been dead,” said UNCW student Juliana Magyar.

The two monitored his condition and called 911.

“Our two goals, I would say while we were helping, were just to stop the blood loss and to get him talking and conscious,” Magyar said.

The two were glad they could help him, worried about what would have happened if they hadn’t stayed with him until EMS arrived.

“I remember as we were walking away, we both looked at each other, and that’s when it was all done and we were in better hands, – and we kind of all kind of the two looked at it and we thought, this is what we want to do, and we’re grateful that UNCW has the incredible resources and faculty that have guided us to respond in this way,” Wright said.

Meskowsky is grateful for the girls’ help, praising their efforts and expressing concern about the lack of help received from gym employees.

“All the employees were there, but they really didn’t do anything. There was no first aid kit, there were no towels, there was nothing. They don’t, my problem is they don’t have the workout, someone didn’t have an accident in the gym. They don’t know what to do,” Meskowsky said.

Meskowsky is still recovering. He received 14 staples, 10 internal stitches and recently had surgery on March 23 for his injuries.

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