UP polls: Akhilesh calls BJP government an enemy of development and minorities

Samajwadi Party (SP) Chairman Akhilesh Yadav on Sunday denounced the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh, calling it “Vikas key dushman, alpsankhayak ke dushman (enemy of development and minorities)”, but left the Prime Minister Narendra Modi out of his attack ahead of the UP polls.

The SP leader launched the verbal attack by addressing two public meetings during the Lucknow stage of his Vijay Rath Yatra. The yatra was removed the day Modi, along with CM Yogi Adityanath, laid the foundation stone for UP’s first sports university in Meerut in western Uttar Pradesh.

Akhilesh also unveiled an idol of Lord Parshuram (an avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu) and offered prayers. Lord Parshuram is believed to have been born into a Brahmin family.

Continuing his attack on the BJP, Akhilesh Yadav said: “When this government congratulated our Olympic heroes, where did Baba Mukhya Mantri perform the ceremony? Of course, in the same stadium built by the government SP.

Akhilesh started the Lucknow stage of his Vijay Yatra (the tenth in the series) from HCL headquarters in Chak Ganjaria.

Akhilesh asked the crowd to look to the HCL facility “which gave jobs in Lucknow to many young people who used to migrate to Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad for IT jobs”. Akhilesh said the HCL facility in Lucknow came under his government’s mandate. He also claimed that his government had built the cancer institute and a state-of-the-art dairy factory in the area that was previously a jungle.

He called on people to bring back the “development-oriented SP government”.

“I call the BJP government an enemy of minorities because this government has also ended reservations for Anglo-Indians (in parliament and state legislatures).”

Reiterating his promise of free electricity, he said, “Upon coming to power, our government will give 300 units of free electricity to domestic consumers and free electricity to farmers for irrigation.

“I’m saying if this government had moved forward with the SP government’s power plant projects, then UP would have had a lot of cheap electricity. Now, when our government returns, these energy projects will be executed and free electricity will be easily achieved, ”he added.

“This is only promise number one that will be in our manifesto. But there will be many more promises in our manifesto – promises for farmers, for the poor, for women, for young people, for all. The manifesto will be published. soon, ”he said.

The SP leader also retaliated against Yogi for having frequently alleged that “in the previous government terrorists and rioters were invited to the CM residence”.

Akhilesh retorted, “It is this government that harbors criminals. Why does this government not publish the lists of the best gangsters in the districts? And is it not this government which for a long time sheltered and protected one of its deputies in a case of injustice towards Unnao’s daughter? It was under this government that injustice happened to the daughter of Hathras. And has there been a chief minister like this with so many sections filed against him? ”

The SP leader also attacked the BJP government over farmers’ issues, unemployment, Covid deaths, law and order, rising prices and development.

One public meeting was held at Chak Ganjaria and the other at Rohtas field, Kasimpur in the assembly constituency of Mohanlalganj. Akhilesh then went to the Bhagwan Parshuram temple in the village of Mahurakala, Gosainganj, and offered prayers for about 30 minutes amid the chanting of Vedic mantras and the breath of the conch shells.

The newly built temple with a 73 foot ax, the weapon of Lord Parshuram, was built near the Purvanchal highway in Lucknow by the Brahmin leaders of the SP.

Responding to Akhilesh’s promise of free electricity, Union Education Minister and BJP UP elections officer Dharmendra Pradhan tweeted: “Those who gave ‘goondaraj’ are now talking about providing a free power supply. Now Akhileshji is also talking about building Ram’s temple despite everyone knowing that it was the SP government that ordered Ram’s bhakts to be shot. The credibility of liars is zero. The red caps are due again for a shock this time.


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