Visuals of the first 2022 New Years sunrise from across India will leave you in awe

New Year: People across the country greeted the New Year 2022 in their own way. The illuminated visuals of the North Block, the South Block and the Parliament Buildings in the Nation’s Capital were a sight to behold.

As part of the New Year celebrations, Varanasi greeted 2022 in a traditional way with Vedic rituals.

Meanwhile, images of the sunrise from all over India have also been circulating on social media and it is a spectacle you must watch on the first day of the year 2022.

Visuals of the first sunrise of 2022 in various states:

# Bombay

# Assam

# West Bengal

Meanwhile, Varanasi has greeted 2022 in the traditional way with Vedic rituals. People greeted the New Year by chanting “Veda Mantras” and performing “Yagya”. The new rays of the sun were also greeted in the traditional way with Vedic rituals and prayers for the welfare of mankind and nature.

Similar visuals have arrived from Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh, where priests perform “Bhasma Aarti” at the Mahakaleshwar temple in Ujjain on occasion.

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