VP Exclusive Announces Soul Healing System 1 ™ to Heal Inner Childhood Wound Blocking Adulthood Success

Veronica Parks is a caregiver and wellness coach who helps people release negative emotions from the past

30 Day Life Transformation Program by Veronica Parks, Soul Healer, Wellness Coach and Founder of VP Exclusive.  She helps people release negative emotions from the past and live out the purpose of their life.

30 Day Life Transformation Program by Veronica Parks, Soul Healer, Wellness Coach and Founder of VP Exclusive. It helps people release negative emotions from the past and live out the purpose of their life.

Guided Soul Healing Sunday Meditation to Clear Past Trauma and Karma

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Subconscious programming holds back dreams and aspirations

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, October 6, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Do the inner wounds of childhood prevent you from succeeding? Exclusive VP, a soul healing and life-transforming enterprise rekindling the joy of every client’s inner child, today announced a new program to discover, treat and restore the spirit of wounds buried deep within of the subconscious mind of childhood that sabotages success today.

This buried wound that sabotages your life shows up in the form of feelings of guilt, shame, doubt, abandonment, neglect, mistrust, rejection and abuse. These feelings prevent people from receiving the appreciation, love and success we aspire to, says Veronica Parks, Soul Healer, Wellness Coach and Founder of VP Exclusive.

“This injury is the reason we make bad choices, procrastinate, feel we can’t be successful. This is what drives us to turn to drugs, alcohol and junk food to feed our souls, ”says Parks. “Each of these saboteurs acts as a barrier between our soul and the wound we have buried within. When we approach these pains at the subconscious level, we begin to heal, and that is when the magic begins to operate in our lives.

Tackling saboteurs at the subconscious level reaches the inner child, the one who has programmed the brain to feel less or see danger, fear or rejection in certain situations and types of people. By repositioning the thinking process around these early childhood injuries, we can have a real impact that empowers people to come out of depression and achieve the lives they desire.

To discover and eliminate the inner wounds of childhood that block success, VP Exclusive launched the Soul healing system 1 â„¢, a 30 day life transforming program.

“Our brains are designed to protect us,” Parks explains. “They do their job of recording situations and triggers as dangerous, which makes us feel anxious or fearful. Yet these protections are the very things that keep us from achieving the things we really choose to have in life.

Parks is quick to note that what happened to you as a child and the way your brain programmed it is not your fault, but facing it, facing it, healing it as an adult is absolutely your responsibility.

“We all have inner childhood wounds. It’s how our brains prepare for the world, ”says Parks.

The problem is not the injury itself, it is the neglect to heal these injuries that leads to negative feelings such as anger, depression, anxiety, and physical pain. Treating these wounds at the subconscious level is like cleaning up an infected wound. It takes time, but the healing creates new paths and the pain stops, so that the true self can shine.

For a free session to uncover the childhood injury blocking your success, visit: Soul Healing System.

In addition to Soul Healing System 1, Parks offers a variety of soul healing meditations, including I AM Morning Mantras to start the day, sleep training, body healing and dozens more. on his exclusive channel on Patreon. To access it, download the Patreon app to your smartphone and search for Veronica Parks-Soul Healer.

For a boost to your work week, join Veronica Parks every Sunday at 11:11 a.m. PT for Soul Healing Sundays, a cheerful and refreshing start time to your successful week. Register at mastersoulhealer.com/sunday for group meditation.

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About Exclusive VP
VP Exclusive is an international life transforming organization that restores lives by reprogramming the subconscious to transform unhealthy habits, thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. Founded by Veronica Parks, Soul Healer and Wellness Coach, VP Exclusive empowers people to bio hack their minds and bodies to live healthier, happier lives. VP Exclusive Founder Veronica Parks designed the Soul Healing System, an exclusive method that removes blockages at the subconscious level to unleash clients’ innate superpowers. Parks’ Soul Healing System is designed to increase emotional well-being and dramatically improve relationships with self, love, family, finances, and career. To learn more, visit vpexclusive.com.

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