Wedding Material Update Monday, June 27, 2022

Wedding material June 27, 2022 : Tulika dressed as grandma gives black magic apple to Meera saying Guru maaa gave it to her, says she needs great grandchildren soon and walks away while that Meera remains shy. Tulika then goes to her room and begins black magic by shouting that Vivan and Meera will never unite.

She shows her real face without specs and long hair. Meera bites fruit. Vivan gets romantic with Meera and says she needs to eat more baby fruits. Tulika does black magic on a fruit and bites it. Meera is about to kiss Vivan when she feels a headache and stops screaming. Vivan says she acts to send him back and is about to kiss him when she falls. He worriedly asks what happened to him. She says she is out of breath, doesn’t know what is going on. Tulika keeps biting the apple and says this is just the beginning. Meera collapses again. Vivan and Dolly surround her. Meera wakes up and says she has a headache. Vivan says she sat in front of smoke, so she has a headache, she will be fine soon.

Tulika goes to her stepmom and apologizes for misunderstanding her, she couldn’t stop when mom tortured her. She trashes her stepmother and reveals that she hired a woman to act as her stepmother. She then looks at Paromita’s garland-adorned photo and reveals that she is her sister and won’t calm down until she gets revenge on Vivan and Meera.

The next morning, Vivan and Meera have breakfast with their family and Tulika. Inspector comes and says he wants to talk to Meera. Meera talks to him. He says he checked the doctor’s last call and spoke to Meera before the murder. He also found a knife at the murder scene, so he wants to check the fingerprints of each member of the family. Tulika is tense.

The inspector fingerprints Meera and her entire family in the doctor’s murder case and asks Tulika to give him her fingerprints as well. She walks nervously and is about to print fingerprints on paper when Meera stops her and tells the inspector that Tulika came into her house just a few days ago. Inspector says it’s protocol and suspect can be anyone. Tulika gives fingerprints and thinks the drama is starting. Dolly says today is really bad, they must have seen police on festival day.

Meera goes to her room and is busy with work when Tulika walks in and chants dark magic mantras casts a dark magic gaze at Meera. Meera unknowingly bends and escapes. She unconsciously kicks her foot on the table and cries out in pain. Tulika rushes to her and helps her. Meera asks what is she doing here instead of getting ready for the festival.

Tulika says she is not beautiful like Meera, everyone calls her Jhalli. Meera even says her name was jhalli and look at her now. Tulika says she didn’t apply nail polish at all. Meera says she will go to salon for manicure and pedicure. Tulika says she will as she did of course. She cuts off Meera’s broken fingernail and keeps it aside and files her other fingers thinks Meera’s bad time is about to begin. After filing the nails, she recovers the broken nail. Meera says she will throw it. Tulika says it’s ok, she goes to throw it in trash and leaves with a piece of nail.
Meera dries her hair after the shower. Vivan enters and becomes romantic. Meera says her stump is like thorns and asks at least to apply moisturizer. He applies moisturizer and rubs his cheek against hers.

Labon is…thinking..plays in the background. Tulika thinks she needs Meera’s bindi to hypnotize her and do dark magic on her. Meera passes. Tulika asks her bindi. Mera asks her to take it to her room, Vivan is present in the room. Tulika enters the room and asks Vivan to give Meera’s bindi. Vivan shows off the bindi pack. Tulika chooses one and thinks that tonight she will completely hypnotize Meera and slowly destroy her.

Diwali celebrations begin. Meera burns crackers. Biji says there is still ravan dahan left. Vivan says she can call it just burning an effigy. Biji says it is a symbol of burning evil. Tulika is seen looking at the dark magic on Meera’s fingernail and bindi.

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