Wednesday, Pitru Paksha and Ekadashi on September 21; Worship Lord Ganesha and Vishnu ji, do Shradh Karma in the afternoon. Pitru Paksha and Ekadashi on September 21, Wednesday; Worship Lord Ganesha and Vishnu ji, do Shradha Karma on ekadashi

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  • Pitru Paksha and Ekadashi September 21, Wednesday; Worship Lord Ganesha and Vishnu Ji, do Shradha Karma on Ekadashi

Indira Ekadashi is Wednesday, September 21. Right now the Pitru Paksha is taking place and the importance of this Ekadashi is very high. On this day, Shradh is executed for those who died in Ekadashi. Being Ekadashi on Wednesday, special worship of Lord Vishnu as well as Ganesh ji should be done on this day.

Pt. Manish Sharma, the astrologer of Ujjain, says, “Pinddaan, tarpan, incense meditation and Shraddha performed on the Ekadashi of Pitru Paksha satisfy the ancestors. This is written in the scriptures. If a person is unable to perform Shradh on that date, then he should feed the needy people. Clothing, grain and money must be donated. Shradh should be done in the afternoon. You can offer incense by offering jaggery-ghee, kheer-pudi on the burning candle. After that, take water in the palm and offer water to the ancestors from the side of the thumb.

How to worship Ganesh ji

First of all, in the worship of Ganesh ji, bathe the Lord first. Give clothes, necklaces and flowers. Offer worship materials like Janeu, Kumkum, Sandalwood, Rice, Durva, etc. Enjoy sweets. Perform aarti by lighting incense and lamps. Worship Lord Vishnu after Ganesh Puja.

This is how you can fast on Ekadashi for Lord Vishnu

  • In the Vaishnava section of Skanda Purana there is a chapter named Ekadashi Mahatmya. In this, all the Ekadashis of the year were told. In the Dwapar era, Shri Krishna told the importance of Ekadashis to the Pandava son Yudhishthira.
  • It is necessary to get up early in the morning on Ekadashi and after bathing worship in the house temple. Anoint Lord Vishnu with Panchamrit. Panchamrit is prepared by mixing milk, ghee, rock sugar, curd and honey. Along with Vishnu, Mahalakshmi should also be revered.
  • After offering Panchamrit, do abhishek with pure water. Dress the Lord in new yellow clothes. Red Chunari can be offered to Goddess Lakshmi. Offer sweet items like bracelets, kumkum. Make up the deities with garlands and flowers.
  • Offer sweets to God with basil leaves. Light the incense lamps and make the aarti. One should keep chanting Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya Mantra in worship.
  • In worship, one must commit to observing Ekadashi quickly before God. After that, stay fast throughout the day. You can eat fruit if you want.
  • Worship Lord Vishnu on the morning of the next day i.e. Dwadashi (September 22). After worship feed the needy and after that take food yourself.
  • Thus ends Ekadashi’s fast.

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