Where is Scott Peterson’s former mistress Amber Frey now?

SCOTT Peterson was convicted of the murder of his wife in 2002.

It was believed that his motive behind the murders was his desire to be with his girlfriend Amber Frey.


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Why was Scott Peterson on trial?

The San Diego native was charged with the murder of his wife and unborn child after he went missing in December 2002.

His arrest came in April 2003 when the remains of a woman and a fetus were found on the shore of the San Francisco Bay Area, just a few miles from where Peterson said he was. on Christmas Eve when she had disappeared.

After her arrest, Amber Frey, a massage therapist from Fresno, opened up about their affair which began in November 2002 and later said Peterson told her he was widowed.

The prosecution claimed that Peterson used the same cement used in his driveway to make anchors that pulled his wife’s body to the bottom of San Francisco Bay.

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He was later found guilty and sentenced to death on the recommendation of the jury.

Where is Scott Peterson’s former mistress Amber Frey now?

Frey, now 46, has returned to a somewhat normal life after Scott Peterson’s trial.

Today, she is still a practicing massage therapist (as she was when she first met Scott Peterson).

She previously owned a day spa in California, but Euphoria Day Spa went bankrupt in 2015.

She is the mother of two children: Ayiana Frey and Justin Dean Markovich.

Frey’s father is Christopher Funch, restaurateur. Her former boyfriend Anthony Flores paid years of child support for Frey on the pretext that he was Frey’s father, but a paternity test revealed that Funch was the father.

In 2006, Frey married police officer Robert Hernandez. The couple divorced in 2008.

Frey published a book called Witness: For the Prosecution of Scott Peterson, released in January 2005.

In 2020, the California court system overturned the death penalty for Scott Peterson and ordered a new trial. However, Allred said Frey was “relieved” that his guilty verdict had not been overturned.

In an interview with ABC 20/20 in 2017, Frey claimed she would testify again in the Peterson case if she had to.

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