Why George Harrison was so angry with John Lennon’s death

George Harrison has been spiritual for most of his life. When he meets Ravi Shankar, he discovers what he calls “minority music” and the spirituality of Hinduism. George took what he learned everywhere with him and put it in his music, his family life and all his relationships. After John Lennon’s death in 1980, George needed this spirituality more than ever to help him understand the horrific circumstances. But his beliefs couldn’t stop him from being angry with John’s death for a specific reason.

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George Harrison was crazy that John Lennon couldn’t leave his body properly

In Martin Scorsese’s documentary, George Harrison: Living in the Material World, Olivia, George’s wife, spoke of her husband’s thoughts after John’s murder. She said George was really angry that John didn’t “have a chance to leave his body in a better way.”

“George put so much emphasis and importance on the moment of death, to leave his body,” Olivia continued. “It was very – that’s really what he trained for.” It was as if the Dalai Lama had said something that really made him smile. He said, ‘And what do you do in the morning?’ He said, ‘I do my practice, I do my mantras, I do my spiritual practice.’ “And how do you know it will work?” He said, ‘I don’t. I’ll know when I die.

“And it was so awesome, but it’s like, that was it. I practice this so that when I die, I know how to leave my body, that I am familiar and that I am not afraid.

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George Harrison was “shocked and stunned” by the death of John Lennon

Olivia answered the call saying that John had been shot. It was around 4 or 5 in the morning in England. In a “way out of it”, George fell asleep again. But when he woke up, his friend was still dead. Fortunately, George remembered some Hindu scriptures, and it didn’t make him feel so bad about it.

Speaking on a talk show in english in the 1980s George said, “When I went to Rishikesh, India, I entered meditation and had good experiences. So I believe what he says in the scriptures, and in the Bhagavad Gita, it says: ‘There has never been a time when you did not exist and there will never be a time when you cease. to exist. ‘ The only thing that changes is our physical condition. The soul comes into the body, and we go from birth to death, and it’s death, as I see it, it’s like taking your costume off. The soul is in these three bodies, and one body falls. I feel like this; I can feel it around here.

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George went on to say he knew John knew it too. “It’s just the method by which you die. I think it’s good if you can consciously leave your body when you die as opposed to some madman shooting you on the street. But it really doesn’t matter. He is fine, and life is flowing through you and without you. Leave it to George to say something so profound.

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