Wilshere training with a club to develop his fitness

Jack Wilshere is back in training with Arsenal in an attempt to get back in shape and find a new club, while also working on his coach badges.

The 29-year-old has been without a club since leaving Bournemouth this summer and recently admitted he would like the chance to train with his childhood side to try and get his career back on track.

After talks with manager Mikel Arteta, Wilshere is back at Arsenal and working on the next stage of his career, which could be as a player or even as a coach.

“What you have to believe is that we want to help Jack prepare for his next step, physically and mentally,” Arteta said on the club’s official website. “He wants to redo his coach badges and we’re ready to meet any needs he wants. That’s basically the idea and it’s no further than that.

“I am very happy to see him again. We had a conversation with Jack and understand his needs, the time he is going through and I think everyone at the club agreed it was a good time to help him.

“We sat down with him and we listened to what he wanted to do and what stage he is and we are ready to do whatever we can to help him.

“He will sometimes train with us, he will be everywhere, he will continue his coaching badges which interest him a lot, try to get him in shape, try to share his experiences with our players, our young players, our academy and I think that’s a big influence to have around. “

Arteta also confessed that he believes the deal will benefit Arsenal youngsters, who can learn from Wilshere’s experiences at the club.

“[For a young player] it’s about being successful here, starting to establish and then leveling up for many years and it’s very complicated and I think Jack has a lot of experience to share and talk about what he’s got. lived in his career, “he continued.

“[We hope] that physically he can keep in shape, because obviously we know the problems that injuries have caused him in his career. The other is that he feels love for the club, that he feels attached and with the same consideration that we have for him.

“When you are away for many years, you may perhaps lose that sense or question yourself, but there is no doubt: we all love it, we are happy to have it around us and it is an integral part of our history. “

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